Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, not only is basketball fantastic in the NBA, but when it goes down like our game did last night, it can be fantastic in prison too. We had a double overtime game last night, and I said before the game that I was going to leave all mine on the court. And believe me, I did. Right now I feel like I was in a fight with Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, and they are on the same team. We had beat this team twice this year, every time we saw them. This was a single game elimination, and they had only won one game in the regular season. Well, anyway, I take full responsibility for our loss. I was on the free throw line with only a few seconds left in regulation. It was a one and one situation and I missed the free throw. But worse than that, in OT, I hit the shot to put us ahead by two points, and was feeling real good. We call time out with 20 seconds left on the clock and we had the ball. I felt the game was over, there was no way they could win from here. So I took the ball out and threw it in to my center. They go to trap him and he throws the ball back to me. They turn around and trap me, and I panic and tried to throw the ball over the top, and it got intercepted. They turn around and win the game.

All the mistakes that I made have been playing over and over in my head since last night. It made me think how close basketball and real life are related. But I want to let you know, don't worry, cause I get over this stuff fast. But what I have notice about some people is that they can't clear their minds about things that happened in the past. And when things like this happen, you can't think about anything else. Not even the most important things in your life. So I will be working all day today to clear my mind and get back on track, and put this web site on top the way it's supposed to be. Everybody keeps letting the past keep creep in their mind and pollute their thinking - let it go. There is always tomorrow.

Peace and Love.
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Anonymous said...

Don't trip,it's only a friendly game of b-ball,but on tha real i can relate to that story,it's your boy Romel

Rogers said...

I was just telling our friend in the chi that yesterday after he contacted me about some gossip. Turned out that they had their names mixed up like I told him but anyway I had said that I am not on that level and that I have my life and my job to concentrate on and what happens in the future due to what I have done in the past will happen or it won't, and that is not going to change the happy feeling I have today. On top of that Sometimes we do get all wrapped up into the moment. It's hard to concentrate on your website while playing basketball or concentrate on work while thinking about your girl sleeping in the bed in nothing but her birthday suit. Afterall we're only human but the point is not to bring your work home with you and vice versa. Afterall who cares what happened yesterday. Especially if you ain't did nothing about it.

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