Monday, June 30, 2008

Never Give Up

So many times I've heard people talking about quitting. It really amazes me how people can just give up so easily. One moment they talk about going all the way, but as soon as there is a bump in the road they're ready to quit. This really bothers me because it shows a flaw in their character, and you never find out the person you truly are until you been through the fire. I know sometimes it will seem as though your problems are unbearable, but you just can't quit at the first sign of trouble. How we think is everything! So if you believe that you will succeed in something then it will manifest, because our thoughts are truly things. 

This blog is dedicated to the people who think about quitting. For the person that has the A.I.D.S. virus and feels there is nothing else to live for... NEVER GIVE UP!  For the single mother raising her children all alone... NEVER GIVE UP!  For the prisoner thats serving time... NEVER GIVE UP! I was told that every person must first go through their hell before they reach paradise. Nothing in life is easy, and every new day is a test. Only the strong will survive and pass this test. As long as you think you can, you can. If you dont believe in yourself then no one else will. So remember this the next time you think about quitting or giving up... quitters never win, and winners never quit!!! 

Ricky Ross & Jimmy DaSaint

Friday, June 27, 2008

Going That Extra Mile (Part 2)

Building block number three in creating a positive mental attitude is to cultivate the habit of doing more than you are paid to do or more than expected of you. Form the habit of going the extra mile by giving service that is not expected. By doing so you will attract friends, clients and supporters from every direction. There is much to be said for the old cliche, "service with a smile." If your attitude outwardly and inwardly is positive and you go the extra mile by giving extra service over and above that which is required in your job description, then you are well on your way towards building relationships that will not only be pleasant but also splendidly rewarding. These are the types of relationships that will catapult you towards the achievement of your highest goals. 

Cultivating the habit of giving more and better service than you are paid for brings rewards in many forms. This mentality will attract favorable attention from the right people (ie. the people who will provide you opportunities of advancement). More often than not, the returns will come from an entirely unexpected source, not from the person you initially provided the extra service for. The law of increasing returns will work for you. The law of increasing returns states: The extra seeds you sow will come back to you greatly multiplied in one form or another. You need not ask permission to do more than is expected neither in manner nor in deed. If you work for wages, the habit of doing more than is required gives you a perfect right to expect pay increases and promotions; nothing else gives you that right. If you render less service than that particular service will eventually dwindle away. 

Remember this: The quality of service you give, plus the quantity of the service and the mental attitude attitude in which you give it, determines the pay you will receive. Remember this also: If your mental attitude is negative, if you complain and find fault with others, it will offset whatever you do, even if you do more than you are paid to do. No one wants to be around someone whose mind is negative and whose words are a sharp-edged sword. There is power in the hands of people who do a job consistently well while maintaining a pleasant attitude towards everyone around them. These are the people who always give a little more than expected of them. These are the type of people who will be successful in their endeavors. It is virtually impossible for them to fail. 

Ricky Ross 
A.K.A. 'Freeway Rick' 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Miracles" By Stacy Whitaker aka Mr. Dizzle

It seems your life had been stripped naked to the core 
Every piece of clothing has been shredded and torn 
No one seems to notice the bare naked skin 
Nor the wounds that have been cut within 
The foundation can no longer cover the sad face you wear 
Your happiness has dried up to a mask that's scared 
You hear voices but can't comprehend the words. 
Nor recognize the beautiful birds 
They have wings that spread the length of you 
They have come to clothe you a life so new 
You think you are dreaming and you say this can't be true 
Miracles have never happened to someone like you 
So they lift you and kiss you a brand new breath 
Set you free gave you strength when you felt you had none left 
The miracles never stop you will always be blessed 
They fly away and whisper you have passed the test 
Miracles are angels watching your steps. 

Written by
Stacy Whitaker 
P.O. Box 7000
Texarkana, TX 75505-7000

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going That Extra Mile (Part 1)

Forty years ago relationships were much different than they are today. People went out of their way to show generosity, hospitality, and respect to the people they cared for. The community was more unified.  Like the old adage goes.... It takes a village to raise a child. This kind of community and family awareness was prevalent in the days of old,  but then, so much has changed in the last 40 years. The family and community structure has diminished dramatically and this is causing our society to quickly spiral towards a potential collapse. Gun violence, gangs, AIDS, the high rate of suicides among all age groups, drug use, lack of proper education, the alarmingly large amount of people being incarcerated.... all of it has taken a negative toll on our communities. 

Why is this our social structure now? How did we get here? What was broken in our recent past that left us in this state of decay and decline? In my personal opinion, people just stopped going that extra mile. They quit putting in the effort. They gave up! It's almost as if, collectively, people forgot what it meant to be a part of something like family. They traded their morals and values for the instant gratification of our current lifestyles. And it isn't that they just gave up on their families, their community, educational programs, etc., but they also gave up on themselves. They just stopped caring. We were so focused on the small picture, cutting our little piece of the American pie, that we failed to see the big picture. We missed the forest for the trees. 

Today, relationships and marriages don't last longer than a couple of years. Politicians, even dirty ones, have a longer and more successful term than the average marriage. So what are we left with? Single parent households. Our youth has no leadership to look up to. They have so many mixed signals that they have nothing positive to strive for, they fall into a state of disarray and uncertainty. If we don't find a way to fix this trend we are all going to be eaten alive; not only by ourselves, but by our own children. Tell me, who's willing to "man-up" and go the extra mile? Who is going to stop, take a look around, and scream to the heavens that we are falling apart? I often wonder at times where my life would be if a few positive role models from my community had taken me under their wing and showed me a different path to travel. Just what would have become of me? There's a big chance that my life would have been totally different. 

Don't get me wrong, there are people out there that do try to go that extra mile, but in order to overcome the ills of our society, we're gonna need many more. We need to get back to those days when people stood up and took responsibility for their actions, when family and respect come first and people are held accountable for their actions. At least then we'll be heading in the right directions. Who among us will stand up and look around, and realize that this isn't the way? Who will go that extra mile?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

How My Day Went

Today was very laid back, got up late and didn't really do much after that but read. I ran across a couple of things that really caught my attention. One was Big Harry Audacious Goals; basically what that means is we have to think big. Too often we don't think much of ourselves. We have a tendency to think other people are better than us or born with special ability. And when you think like this, you have a tendency to say, "what the heck," but watch out.  We must have a certain level of unreasonable confidence. A confidence to say I can go with what others say they can't. Too often our friends and family become our worst enemies by telling us we are going to look like a fool if we fail. 

One of the stories that really caught my attention today was about a mountain climber that decided to climb a great mountain. To the climber, climbing this mountain without a rope was doable, but to all the bystanders it looked fool hearted. This climber knew that with proper training and concentration, she could make the climb. But it also gave her a challenge. She knew if she fell, she would die, but was confident in her ability. In order to be successful in life you have to take on tasks that sometimes may look like they are going to kill our careers or reputation or brand. However, it's these steps that separate a visionary from the ordinary. I have never wanted to be ordinary. 

So I am setting some goals for myself and my family and friends. Some I discuss with people that may laugh and call me a fool but I have been training and I feel perfectly confident in my skills. I hope that you all like the piece that my guy did last night, The Power of Focus. I am really amazed at the effect that I am having on the guys on this compound and the love and respect that they are giving me. This gives me that fool hearted confidence that makes me feel that I can take on any task that is put before me. I hope that you all stick around for the ride cause it's going to be a rocky road from here on out.  See Rick Fly.

Peace and Love


Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Power of Focus

Successful people have successful habits. Unsuccessful people don't!  Real talk. If you want to distance yourself from the masses and enjoy a unique lifestyle, understand this - your habits will determine your future. It's that important. Remember, successful people don't drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy every day to make things happen. The habits you develop from this day forward will determine how your future works out. To be truly rich includes not only financial freedom, but developing rich, meaningful relationships, enriching your health, and enjoying a rich balance between your career and your personal life. More people than ever are living for immediate gratification. They buy things they really can't afford and put off the payments as far down the road as possible. People in the habit of doing this have a sense of playing catch-up all the time. If you want to enjoy longevity, you must have healthy habits. Practicing good nutrition, exercising and studying longevity play a major role here. Most of the population in the Western world is overweight, under-exercised and malnourished. That's a live for the moment attitude, with little or no thought given to future consequences.  As far as burning out from working long hours, or when you eat fast food and junk food on the run as a daily habit, the combination of stress and high cholesterol produces great risk for heart attacks or strokes. Up to 90% of our normal behavior is the truth, whereas your inner perception of your behavior is often an illusion. True Game. - Nathan Dickey, Texarkana F.C.I.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The End of the Black Race?

Lately something has been disturbing me greatly and I would like to share it with you all.  It's not the corrupted prison system, gun violence, murder rates, nor the high gas prices that got America going crazy.  It's something extremely worse: AIDS in the black community.  When I found out that AIDS is the leading cause of death for African-American women between the ages of 25 and 34, I was devastated.  This deadly disease is killing off our beautiful black queens at an alarming rate and this statistic is destroying the foundation of our community. The black woman has been and still is the backbone of most African-American families.  Whether it's her taking care of a single-parent household or supporting her man in whatever way she can.  Our black queens need to display these same strengths when it comes to making life threatening decisions.  With most of the black men in prison serving lengthy sentences and the AIDS virus flooding our communities, is it the end of the black race? 

It hurts when I pick up a newspaper or magazine and read a story about another victim.  Even though we are not related, I feel a strong connection to them. I'm human and that simply connects us all.  That person could be my son or daughter suffering from that tragedy. Please wake up and stop letting lust control your lives. Be wise when choosing a mate. Pay close attention to their lifestyles, find out as much as you can about their prior relationships, and entertain the question of whether or not they think bisexuality is okay.  It's sad to say but  there are a number of men and women who are bisexual and don't notify their partner, which adds to this statistic at a deadly cost to our community and our unborn children; especially with bisexual males. But this is not entirely their fault because even though condoms are not 100% effective, they are free and give you a better chance at protection or in this case living. Its sad to see how some people don't put any value on life. 

There are men and women in this world who surprisingly spread this deadly disease intentionally out of anger and frustration. I have read numerous articles and witnessed this first-hand on two occasions.  It hurt me to the inner depths of my should to hear these guys say forget it, I'm going to pass this shit on like someone passed it on to me. And it's not just the men with this deadly revenge, I can remember reading about this young lady who would leave a message on mens mirrors in red lipstick that would read, "welcome to my world you've got AIDS!" Even more recently I was speaking with a friend on the phone who was very upset.  After enquiring why, she told me she was looking at a clip on YouTube of this young, handsome man who had sex with over two thousand women between the ages of 15 and 30. Sadly, not one had asked him to use a condom. If this does not make us wake up, what will? 

So please don't let my so-called image fool you, I am a man with a conscious and I love my black people unconditionally. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Reaching Out

Well last week has probably been my most exciting week since when Gary Webb broke my story in 1996 and my name had become one of the most popular names in the country for a couple of weeks.  Finally I had made stardom.  Even though it was not the way I had hoped, it was stardom nevertheless. See, at that time I was looking at a life-sentence and I was very sure I would get it.  But last week was a different story.

One of my greatest fears has been getting out of prison and not knowing what I was going to do.  Oh yeah, I've had many nightmares where I just got out of prison and found myself in the middle of a drug deal, only to be surrounded by DEA and FBI with guns pointed at me.  My nightmares are not of the boogie man, but of drug deals gone bad.  I have been studying really hard, but you often wonder if the stuff that you study really works.  I know that my desire to succeed comes from the inside, it doesn't matter what the outside world thinks.  If I feel good about it, I go with it.  

Anyway, I made a lot of progress last week.  I just found out that all the money has been put in place for my upcoming movie. My record label is moving closer to becoming a reality.  I have a piece of property that I am building an apartment building on that I will be telling you about later in the week.  I am really feeling like the luckiest man in the world right now... and I know it may sound funny to you to hear a guy in prison feeling so lucky!  I will do my best to explain it to you as the weeks go on.  The first tip is that it all starts with a burning desire.  

If you get a chance, check out my website at  We have been doing a lot of work on it, watch for more.  Talk to you soon. 


Monday, June 9, 2008

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

When I first started this prison bid off, I was very bitter.  I had been set up by a close friend, someone that I gave my trust to.  At the same time I was also angry with the cruel government, their laws and so-called Justice.  How could they target a man who at the time wasn't involved in any criminal activity?  I felt like a victim and was upset with myself for being so naive.  I felt sorry for lying to my children when I promised them that I would never leave them again.  For years those words have constantly haunted me and every time I think about it, it makes my heart sink deep inside the darkness of my hurting soul.  The first time I came to prison was for a 5 year sentence. To me the time didn't seem like a lot, but to my children it was a totally different story.  For them, the time away from their father had felt like an eternity.  Without a father, they were confused, lost, and hurt beyond all words - and my children had let their feelings be known.  

Being in prison, you quickly learn who your "real friends" are.  People break bad at an alarming rate.  People that you laughed, joked, partied, and even cried with.  People you loved.  In my situation it was compounding, I was facing a life sentence and things didn't look good at all.  After eventually being convicted and sentenced to life in federal prison, reality had finally set in.  So many things started running through my mind, but the main thing that affected me was once again being separated from my family.  One of my biggest fears wasn't the negative prison environment that held me captive, but the fear of not being around if someone in my family was sick or died.  The worst time of being in prison was when the thick steel doors closed and locked.  That's when the pain and loneliness set in.  

Life at U.S.P. Lompoc was something that I had never experienced before, nor could I have ever imagined.  There were people from all walks of life and from every country in the world.  The one thing we all had in common was a lack of freedom and a lot of time on our hands.  Lompoc wasn't the most dangerous prison in America, but every negative situation you could imagine went on inside: crooked C.O.'s, bad food, uncomfortable living areas, rapes, murders, stabbings; you name it, U.S.P. Lompoc had it.  From my opinion, even though most of the men were physically tough, they had been taking a mental pounding.  Slowly breaking with each passing day.  It didn't take me long to figure out that I wouldn't be a victim to the system or to myself.  

I decided to change my way of thinking and do something positive with myself, even though a life-sentence was hanging over my head.  I began searching for answers to all my why's and how's and I came up with this: if Mandella was doing time, what would he be doing?  He would use his mind and intelligence to figure out a way - and that's exactly what he did.  That's why he is one of my idols, one that I highly respect.  

So what I did was followed Mandella's blueprint and started using the greatest gift that a man has... the most powerful thing on Earth... my brain.  After that, doing time became easier for me, in actuality it turned into my own game.  My game against the system.  One that I was determined to win.  Six years into my life-sentence, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned my life-sentence and instead I was given 20 years.  My positive attitude was starting to pay off. It made me even more assured that I was on the right path, the path to success and happiness. 

Now that I am less than two years from having my freedom again, time continues to fly.  Many times I wish I had more seconds in the minutes, minutes in the hours, hours in the days.  I am excited to wake up every morning and upset when I have to go to sleep at night, afraid that I am going to miss out on something.  One of my mottos is 90% grind, 10% sleep.  Through this time I met some that I would've never met before, people who I consider real friends, and I am very thankful they let me be a part of their life.  Now my goal is to share all that I have learned with the rest of the world.  And it all started with one thing - using my brain.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Life in Prison (Part 5)

For the rest of this Life in Prison series, I will be introducing you to some of the friends I have made in here. They will tell you about themselves through their own words.

As a first time incarcerate in 37 years of living it has been an experience adjusting to a new way of doing things. After serving 20 years in the military, and working for more than 17 for a major airline, prison life is all to new for me. I just can't seem to digest that I waited until I was 36 years old to get into trouble. Neither can I believe that after a lengthy, flawless record in the military I received a sentence that could've and should've been probation. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I honestly believe that I was put in prison not for the crime that was committed, but to realize what could''ve happen had I continued to live the life that I was living. I feel as thought The Man upstairs noticed me doing thing unbecoming of a family man e.g. closing down the clubs, neglecting my family etc. It was bad enough being deployed away from them let alone not going home to visit as often as I should have. Prison life has already taught me a wealth of information. You find out who your true friends are. You also find out what type of person you really are, as opposed to the guys that you live around, or involve yourself with along with the other guys in prison. You either change, adapt or stay the way you are hence the saying Do You. Its a long shot but I think that I can make a difference in my current environment, but sharing my knowledge and wisdom from years of punching a clock vs hustilin on the streets to kinda revitalize their way of thinking can also feed off of them by gaining more knowledge of the street. By adhering to what we both have learned and adding the knowledge of God to the equation, this will complete the total balance of life to help us succeed in life after prison. A prison environment is somewhat similar to a military environment. You have to abide by rules in whatever you do. The food is about the same as well. But back to the blog, prison is a learning experience. You can either right your wrong, learn too to commit your crime better, or enjoy the all bills paid 3 hots and a cot type lifestyle. My intent of this bid is to meet as many positive folks, regardless of crime committed as I can to network and feed off of each other to succeed in the future. Please respond with any question or comments or concerns that you have. 
Clarence Hodge #79839-179 
FCI Texarkana 
P.O.Box 7000 
Texarkana, TX. 75505-7000 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On Obama

It appears the winds are changing. I know Obama can't do all that needs to be done for this country in 8 years, nor could any other human. America is in waters that have never been charted before. I have heard that there are two sets of books; one says that we are $9 trillion in debt, the other says $55 trillion, and every year the budget is a trillion and a half short. It's time for us Americans to buckle up and make the sacrifices that are required. I am fully ready to do my part. If it means eating a little less and working a little harder, I am totally for it. The people have spoken, they nominated Obama. Hopefully the rest of the politicians catch on and know that there is a time change. No more doing business the same old way where I rub your back and you rub mine while the majority of the people suffer. I am so glad that the American people still have a backbone. I hope we continue to stand. The winds are blowing, will the dead bones raise and stand or will that shake and rattle and roll over?


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rewards from Making Mistakes

I can remember growing up being encouraged not to make mistakes.  However, it was me making mistakes that opened my eyes to each particular situation and gave me a vision of what to do as well as what not to do. I can remember making mistakes and being laughed at and teased. We as Americans have become too fixed on putting the other guy down in order to rise up and shine; especially those in the hip-hop community. It has become about more flash than true substance. No loyality, self-development or interest in team spirit. It's only about who has the biggest car, rims, and necklace. But then if you look at the entire country, you can see the same thing. This way of life is encouraged by the media and big businesses through commericals and ads as if this is a true way of life. When, in actuality, this way of life is a great mistake and destroys our youth by teaching a false sense of spending instead of saving or helping humanity. We should see the good in other people and try to develop those qualities in ourselves instead of looking for their faults and trying to destroy their character. This is a common mistake made by most. By correcting these mistakes we can make the world a better place one person at a time. It's time to take control of our minds, bodies, and souls, and make every minute of our life count - because life is too short. Now if there is anyone out there who has some mistakes that they have made in life but which have turned into blessings for you, I would like for you to share your story with me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to My Workout

Man, I've been reading a lot this weekend! I came across two books that I really enjoyed. One is a best seller called Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Poras. I am loving this book and it is reconfirming what I already know; that it's all about helping people. I have been getting some help from some wonderful people. I'm not really a religious person but now I believe in angels. The way these people have been helping me is what I have heard all my life about what angels are supposed to do.

The other book I have been reading is Blog Schmog by Robert W. Bly. I'm trying to learn everything I can learn about the internet through books, I can't look at websites myself because I only have the opportunity to use email in my current situation. I am in the process of building a social networking site and am trying to familiarize myself with every aspect. Anybody out there who knows any advanced web designers, please let me know.

Sometime this week I am also going to drop a blog on the importance of making a mistake. This blogging has really set me free, kind of like spreading my wings. Well, I just wanted to say what's up to everybody and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.  

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life in Prison (Part 4)

For the rest of this Life in Prison series, I will be introducing you to some of the friends I have made in here.  They will tell you about themselves through their own words.

How does it feel to be in prison? That could be a good question or a dumb question. I could easily say it feels bad or come to prison and find out, but I'm not. The feeling of being in prison various depending on how you got caught and you was sentenced. Were you set up? Were you snitched on or were you just caught on a humbug. Personally I was set up and snitched on. So for me being in prison is painful both physically and emotionally. I don't care if your an adult or a teenager. Prison builds revenge, anger, aggresivness and a I dont give a damn attitude. Remember the movie Heat starring Alpachino and Robert Dinero? The scene where they were in a restaurant talking about doing scores(robbing banks) and doing time in prison. After a brief conversation about Robert Dinero's time in prison, Alpachino stated that dinero should quit while he's ahead because doing scores was going to land him back in prison. Dinero felt dis respected by that statement and told Alpachino that "my job is to do scores and your job is to catch guys like me that do scores and you dont have to worry about catching me because I aint never going back to prison." I felt Dinero at that moment. The revenge, anger, and aggressiveness inside him would not allow a statement like that made toward him without responding to it the way he did. If you can recall their conversation, Dinero did 9 year flat, three of it in the hole. You can be sure that the hole is where he developed that i don't give a damn attitude because the hole will make or brake you if you stay in there long enough. I personally have done about 18 months in a hole and about 2 and half years on lock down (confined to your cell 24 hours a day). the only difference about being in the hole and confined to your cell is that the hole is a little dark. Have you ever seen a serious prison movie such as American me or Shaw Shank Redemption, Etc? What was it about those movies that you didn't like? What did you like about them? I you had to be one of the prisoners in the movie which one would it be? I can guess that you don't like prison movies or you would rather die than be one of those prisoners in the movie. You are now feeling part of what it feels like to be in prison. According to several inmates there are three things guards do that causes uncomfort ness, anger, aggression and wanting revenge. One of these four things can cause you not to want visits as it did me for many years. And there is nothing you can do about it. But before I tell you about them I want you to think about something. Think back to September 11th one of the most tragic days in American history. Where wer you when you first heard of the Towers being hit by jets? Remember what it looked like when the second jet crashed into the south towers? How did you feel as you watched those towers in flames as people were jumping out of those towers to their death? Then the Towers came crashing down. What were your feelings as you watched and listened to the news reports throughout the day and evening? Disbelief, grief, anger, fear, aggression and wanting revenge were probably just a few of the emotions you experienced. What could you have done? Nothing. Because you were as helpless as the rest of us who watched that devastating event. Thats part of how it feels being in prison. Now I am not comparing September 11th with being in prison because that no comparison. But the grief, anger and wanting revenge that you felt is what we feel when these three things happen to us in prison. First there is a strip search. And inmate can be strip searched at any time. He or she doesn't have to do anything at all. If a correctional officer (CO) wants to strip search an inmate he or she doesn't have to have a reason. An inmate could be doing nothing at all, on his way to work, hospital, or law library and he could be give a direct order to step into and room and told to remove all clothing, turn around and open his ass, squat and cough, turn back around and lift up his balls. then they watch you put on our clothes as if they've missed something. Some of these CO's are gay. No inmate in his right mind doesn't feel angry and violated after a strip search. No inmate in his right mind wants another man looking at his body in various ways especially if the CO is gay and the inmate isn't. I've even seen a gay inmate angry because he got strip searched. If an inmate refuses a a strip search he will be taken to the hole and wrote up. Second, the inmate has to be strip searched going to and from visit. No inmate has been able to figure out the reason for being strip searched going to a visit. I've personally asked a CO in 2006, what is the purpose of being strip searched going to visit and his response was "its just procedure" I dont know why". What in hell can we take to the visiting room that our visitors want. Especially if its in our asses. We inmates understand being strip searched coming from visit because you do have inmates that bring drugs from visit in there asses. This is what kept me from going on visits since 1994 when I got my first visit. I was 23 then and that was one of the worse feeling I have ever felt. So I decided not to have nay more visits even though I could be strip searched at anytime. I felt like one lees strip search the easier my time would be. In 2005 my little sister who was in elementary looked me up on the internet, contacted me and wanted to come see me. In 2006 I decided to suck it up and go on my second visit in twelve years. I went through the same strip search procedure. This is when I asked the CO, what is the purpose of being strip searched going to visit. During that visit my sister and I had good conversation about both sides of our families and the free world. But I just couldn't get it off my mind that when this visit is over, I have to go through another strip searched. Also, inmates have to be strip searched every time they leave and arrive at another prison. Third there is a random and suspect urinal test. Random means it just your time to test. Suspect means that CO's believe you've been using drugs because an inmate snitched you out. When we take these test, they look at our penis while we are pissing in a cup for what? We dont know. But what we do know is that these types of things are humiliating and embarrassing. These things we go through along with being away from our loved ones is very uncomfortable and it gets worse. This is just part of it. Inmates that come back and forth from prison and are content with being behind bars are called Jail Birds. Being away from there loved ones is not a issue to them. Me I call myself twenty twenty because the Judge gave me a release date of 2020 and 20 years running concurrent back in 1993. I am a first time offender. This is my first and last time I'll ever be in this situation. Don't believe me? Come to prison and find out for yourself. 

Twenty Twenty