Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I guess you guys heard about the Swine Flu. If it's not one thing, it's another. Now where did this come from? Say quite a few people died, and quite a few more are in intensive care. We had a town-hall meeting about it today; told us not to worry, they will treat it just like a common cold. And if they do, I bet a lot more people will die... they usually prescribe us water and rest. Well, I hope everyone out there stays safe. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, whatever it is, we don't need to spread it. I will be seeing you all soon. Can't wait to get my freedom. Haven't slept well in the last couple nights. I will try to do better tonight. $FWE$

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 4!

Just got word that May 4th, "I get my freedom back!!" I am too excited. What am I going to do?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real Talk with G Status

Triple R: How is everybody doing? I want to introduce you all to my new writing partner G Status A.K.A. Erroll Sheperd.

G: What's up you all, nice to meet everybody. This is my first time blogging but my book with Rick Ross isn't my first, I have a fiction street lit book that is going to be released in July entitled, "Pedal to the Metal", so be on the look out.

Triple R: G Status and I are from the same background and street of L.A., and we take our children's situation seriously. I believe in the theory that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. With that said, this is what we were talking about at lunch today. The Warden makes 150 thousand dollars a year for baby sitting grown men, and rehabilitation has been thrown out the door. G Status you been down quite awhile in the Bureau of Prison, what's your take on the subject?

G: Well Rick, like you said, I have been down quite awhile, and I've seen some of the pettiest, insecure, childish, rude, and inconsiderate staff members with rank ranging from correctonal officers to Wardens who take their power and authority and use it on prisoners (that are mainly non-violent) to vent their personal hang-ups, misconceptions, and stereotypes. Rick, the judge sentenced each and every one of us to a certain amount of time, he didn't sentence us to do this time to be subjected to harsh and silly treatment from various staff members.

Triple R: I totally agree. I think the main problem with a lot of these officers, outside their jealousy and envy is the fact that they've never been trained.

G: As a matter of fact, the same test that a garbage man took to be a garbage man is the same equivalance to the test that a correctional officer takes to work in law enforcement.

Triple R: G Status, I didn't know that, but you left out passing their first U.A. and not coming to work drunk during their initial orientation.

G: That's real, Rick, but how do we as convicts who are about to be ex-convicts very soon fix the relationship between staff and prisoners?

Triple R: I think that we should understand that we all should be working towards the same goals to help each person become a law abiding citizen.

G: I feel that, Rick, but I like that theory of yours a lot more, where you said an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. I personaly don't think that there is a cure. There will never be an accurate way to hire the right people, or will there ever be a way to change the hearts, hidden agendas, and ulterior motives of men. We should set up some type of way to keep our children from becoming victims of circumstances so that they won't fall victim to these perverted law enforcement agencies just like the book we wrote, Rick, which also happens to be entitled 'Victim of Circumstances."

Triple R: What it all boils down to G status is in the end we are all going to have to respect each other, and show each other love.

Contact infomation on G Status: Erroll Shepherd #04296-089

Guest Blog: "Why are prison guards paid more than teachers"

Hey everybody,
My fellow comrad Rick Ross asked me what he deemed the "Hundred thousand dollar question." Why are prison guards paid more then teachers? Well for all the Rick Ross supporters out there I sincerely hope you feel my reply. Check this. If I were to tell you that the incarceration of minorities in this country was an intentional guise hidden within layer upon layer of judicial platforms, you and many skeptics might say that its the same old story being told by the same people misfortunate enough to find themselves on the wrong end of the judicial stick. Some might even go as far as to say that theyre tired of hearing the same old rhetoric. But when I look at the various statistics surrounding prison industry, I notice an appalling trend toward enabling criminality and bolstering prison demands. Outrageous? Well answer this. Why are prison guards paid more then school teachers, proffesionals entrusted with the educating of our nations future, and ultimately the worlds future. Lets do some math. With 2 million people incarcerated throughout this nation, with the cost of housing for each one being around 20,000, you have around 40 billion dollars being siphoned out of the tax payers dollars per year. Why? Two points to consider - 1. With Prison Industry, no longer do companies have to look across the borders for cheap labor. All they have to do is go to the local prison. Unicor, the governments thirty ninth largest supply contractor, sold 600 million worth of goods and services to th U.S. government in 2002. 400 million purchased by the Department of Defense. Inmates are paid less then 15 cents a hour to manufactor anything from cabinets and tables to ink cartridges and computer processors. These goods are then sold to the government by the bureau of prisons, another branch of the government, effectively creating a monopoly. Brilliant? Maybe, but look at point 2. An amazing trend toward the privatization of the prison system. It seems that Im not the only one who can add. Private corporations are seeing the financial bottom line of prison Industry, cashing in on the endless supply of inmates provided by a judicial system more concerned to incarcerate then rehabilitate. So again heres the hundred thousand dollar question. Does our government or the powers that be, think it more important or profitable to invest your tax dollars in a ever increasing prison population rather then the future of our children and theyre academic prowess. Are they more concerned with the bottom line of a financial spread sheet then the long term effects that an uneducated populace can have on the future of this country. Ill be your sounding board, you be the judge. Get at your boy.

Thomas (slice) Clarkson 05657-027
F.C.I. Texarkana
P.O. box 7000
Texarkana Tx. 75505

Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, today started off like any other. Got up to get my workout on, feeling good and thankful I am still alive. Another chance to make something happen. I had been finished with my workout for about 30 mintues and was about to shoot some ball to get a little cardio, when I heard them call my name to report back to the unit. First thing came to my mind, were they calling me to sign my papers for the halfway house? Couldn't get back to the unit cause the gates were locked, so it would be at least another 30 minutes. Five minutes later they called me again. This time I recognized the voice, it was my unit officer Ms. Childs. So then I thought they weren't calling me to sign my halfway house papers. I thought, did I do something wrong in my room like not make my rack or leave my shoes on the floor? Yea, they want us to put our shoes on the bed, hard for me to believe they would force you to put dirty shoes on the bed. I think it's another tactic to break you down. But I was sure I had done all that, so I keep on shooting. Finally they called the move. I rushed to the unit to see what was going on. Man, was I suprised. When I got to the officer's station, she had a look on her face of total disgust. She explained to me about all the things that were wrong with my room. Our room is the size of a project closet. Normally it's a two man cell, but right now I stay by myself. She explained to me that the Warden, Asst. Warden, Capt, and Lt. had raided my room. I added up all those people salaries and couldn't believe it. The Warden makes close to 150k a year. Asst. 125k. Capt. 100k. And the Lt about 50k. First thing that came to my mind was what a waste of taxpayers money. They were worried about me using a second locker. My old celly had still used the locker to keep milk and that drove them up the wall. I was like man, if they spent this much energy to do my halfway house papers I would have been on the streets. But here they are worried about how we hang our clothes behind the locker, and not wanting us to hang our towels out to dry. Next thing came to my mind was retaliation about me complaining about my halfway house. Congresswoman Waters called down and they lied to her. I figured this was a pay back. Already frustrated, I should be on the streets right now but I'm still incarcerated. Had my blood steaming, but I was able to gain my composure and look at the bright side. It will all be over in a minute.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Friends

This has been on my mind for a couple weeks, just couldn't put it
together so I thought I would start letting it rip. It is based on
friendship. Who are true friends? Everyone claims to be, but are
they willing to live up to the responsibility? I am close to being
released now, and a lot of old freinds are starting to pop back in the
picture. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of friends; some that would
show up if I called in the middle of the night. Some that claim they
are friends wouldn't give me a drink of water if I was dying of
thirst. Just cause they say they are friend doen't necessarily say
so. And sometime we can get confused on who is a friend and who's
not. See, I thought that the guy that first introduced me to cocaine
was my friend, I thought he was doing me a big favor. Then I thought
that my friend that told me not to sell cocaine was my enemy, was
jealouse. Thirty years later I learned the difference between the
two. See, the guy that taught me how to sell cocaine - we got
arrested together. I knew I was through, and going to jail, and felt
no need for the both of us to go. Loved him like a brother and took
the load and let him walk. The day he walked out the cell after we
gave each other a brotherly embrace, he told me I had nothing to worry
about and he had me. That was the last day I heard from him until he
was on his death bed. The guy that told me not to sell drugs, he was
like a father figure, taught me how to play tennis; a lot of other
things I didn't want. But when I got arrested, he was one of the
first to be there. Man, my vision was blurred, but I think we are
starting to see a lil clearer now. Now that I am on my way home, a
lot of old friends are coming around. Should I be a real friend and
let them back? Or do I leave them like they left me?