Sunday, January 4, 2009

Waiting for Destiny

There are two types of people in this world: those who chase after their destiny, and those who wait for their destiny to come to them. Too often people sit around waiting for something magical to happen. Their big break, so to speak, might be right around the next corner. They hope, wish and pray for things without putting in any effort to make them come to fruition. They are what we call The Sleepers. And we all know the old adage... that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. God blesses the child that has his own. But God really blesses the one's that go out and create their own (Bill Gates, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Oprah, Bob Johnson, Martha Steward, etc). Most people think that their Destiny will just show up and knock on their door; mysteriously appearing from the shadows. They sit around and invest their time and money in meaningless things, waiting for that illusive destiny. These are the kids of people who spend significant amounts of money on things like lottery tickets, television, radio, strip clubs, and so on. Those are the same people who will one day look back and regret their hesitation to pursue their destiny. While they were waiting for Destiny to come around and bump into them, someone else was chasing Destiny with a large net. In the book, "As A Man Thinketh," it says, "all that a man/woman achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of impurities that are his own and not another mans; they are brought about by himself. Therefore his suffering and happiness are evolved from within. As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains. A man can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up his thoughts. He can only remain weak, an object, and miserable, by refusing to lift up his thoughts." The point is this; as long as people wait on their destiny, they will never reach their ultimate goals in life. There are too many people that have taken their dreams with them to the grave. As they say, "The graveyards aer full of men with good intentions." And for all the people out there that continue to chase after Destiny... don't give up, she will run, she will even try to hide.... but sooner or later, she will stop running and hiding and let you know that she's ready to be taken.

by Ricky Ross & Jimmy DaSaint

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey everybody. Wanted to wish you all Happy New Years. We are blessed to still be in the land of the living. So many didn't make it to see today, so we must be thankful. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. So what are we going to do with it. alot of people squander off last year. Some are saying the things they are going to do this year, but they know in their heart that they are not going to do it. My teacher called them procrastinators. But I have made up my mind, this is going to be one of the biggest years that I have ever had before in my life. I am going to continue to stay in tip top shape, even though everyday I exercise feels like the day I want to quit. Oh yea, it's not easy but it is necessary. Too often we are looking for the easy route. Let's make this year the year of struggle to get to where you want to be. Let's pick ourself off the ground and spread our wings and fly like a butterfly. Freeway Enterprise is on the rise. I appreciate all the help you have been giving me. Love Always. Make this your year too.

Freeway Ricky Ross