Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shooting for the Stars

I have been hearing a lot of people complain about the ecomony and how tough it is. When I talk to these same people, I always seem to get the same story. They want more but are not willing to give more. Its funny that they will never pick up a book or go to a seminar. They are still looking for pie in the sky, for somebody to just swoop down and erase all their problems. And with me, it's totally the opposite. See, I came up hard, too. We were on welfare and my mom lived above her means. She kept an up to date car, but there were days that there was no food in the house. She wanted to keep the appearance to others that we was doing well, and so many people are living like that today. People say that I am lucky on a daily basis. The guys that I am here with. But they refuse to see the sacrifices that I give. I change my eating habits, I have changed my mind consumption. No tv or radio, no books that are not business oriented. Well, I have been just given a job as co-producer of a movie that we will be shooting in March. I wont be getting any pay; my pay will be one person off my site getting a roll in the movie and they will be getting paid. I also have a magazine that is going to let me do a colmun every issue and a monthly radio station. Maybe I am lucky, but I shoot for the stars. Dream Big!!

Love Ya,
$Triple R$


trinia said...

Hey its me again and i really meant everything that I said last time. I can respect what you are trying to give the people who need the encouragement but I also truly feel like you put too much emphasis on the dream and not on the people and the balance that comes with everything you do so I would like to add if you don't mind the little voice that reminds everybody to be true to themselves first and formost know and understand what it takes don't just do things by anymeans have a dream and a greater sense of self worth sometimes its just not worth it if your lost in the end of your own dreams

Anonymous said...

I am the daughter of a crack addicted father and a money hungry mother I speak from experience and the ass end of the fullfillment of ones open desires to appear to be greater than the neighbors. Don't wait on anyone to do any thing for you but please don't use other people to stand on to see over the fence.I would like to know how you view yourself Mr.Ross are you a legend and a myth or a pawn in a plan much bigger than yourself. My father died of crack in 1989& I hold no one responsible but him but its important to know how you look at your self and all the media attention. How do you feel about your persona and is it like your day to day life. what your choice of music i feel music is important for the soul get back

Ricky Ross said...

Anonymous: That sounds really familiar. Well that is always that ones desire to be greater. If it's only an apperance then its false. Well, there is really nothing wrong with using people, it's the misuse. Alot of people get the conception mixed up. I love for people to use me. And it's perfectly ok for you to step on my shoulders to see over the fence. And then when you tell me what you saw, I can take it and use it, then in actuality we used each other. Well, I have been all the above. One time I was a myth and was a pawn and now people say I am a legend as well as a victim of my own stupidy. And yes, there was a plan bigger than me. I am sorry to hear about your father. Well I love myself. The media attention that I have created is a way to educate my people. I spend most of my days studying and making plans for society as well as myself and children. I have been a dead beat dad for 19 and half years. I got a lot of straightening up to do. I really like Jazz and I like Rap too but not the new stuff that is out there right now. I am really into revolution. I hope I answered all your question. Hey did you join my new social network. www.freewayenterprise.com. I wish you would. That way not only will you see what I am doing but be a part of it. Tell 10 friends. $Triple R$

Ricky Ross said...

Trinia: Ok, glad you came back. Well, you know everything starts from a thought. Without the thought there could be nothing. And I agree, faith without effort is nothing so we must put effort behind it. Oh you definitely have to be true to yourself. I agree there is no more by any means necessary. And the end doesn't justify the means. $Triple R$