Monday, November 10, 2008

Who is Nicholas Black?

I've been hearing a lot lately about this guy named Nicholas Black. His name has been coming up in conversation and I'm curious aobut who he is. The way people are talking, maybe he's on artist or a writer... I'm not sure. Somebody said I might have already met him. If anyone can find out anything about Nicholas Black, get back at me. Maybe Nicholas Black is a friend of mine and I don't remember?

Thanks for your help,
$Triple R$


chaseD said...

pry not the right guy, but its what i found.

Nick Black
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: Dec 1st
Age: 39
I think he is a local musician in LA.... not sure

Nicholas Black
Marketing Director
* Marketing Director at Reimage
* Business Analyst at Reimage
* Marketing & Customer Relations Administrator at Bashan NetCom Limited
* Customer Preservation Coordinator at Gilat Satcom

Anonymous said...

Just saw a drawing at a local auction and the artist was nicholas black