Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Accepting Responsibility

Hey, what's up everybody? Well, I can't seem to stay on track with these blogs. I have been wanting to sit down and write about this for a couple weeks, but this release date has had me in suspense. I thought today I would be home. But that is okay, whenever the time is right, it will happen. I have been doing a lot of thinking about accepting responsibility; how we are always looking for others to point the blame at when something goes wrong, but when it is right, we are fast to accept the credit. I think it should be a honor to recognize when you make a mistake. It takes a hell of a person to admit when you are wrong, and to hold your head up and keep your spirits high when things are not going your way. Oh yea, everybody can be good when there is no pressure, but how will you do when the pressure is on? Right now I hear everybody is pushing the weight on Obama, I hear them saying he is going to make everything right. Even though I don't say much, I really hate foolish talk like that. This country has been jacked off for 20 to 30 years, and it has taken millions of people to get it in this position. How can we expect one man to turn it around in 1, 4, or even 8 years? Our minds are messed up in this country; we have become very lazy, overweight, and we consume everthing. All the factories are closing and moving overseas. Everything is going out and nothing is coming in. We are understudied, when will we wake up? "The process of evolution is constantly building our tomorrow out of our today." We must take responsibility of the position that we are in. It is going to take effort from everybody to get us out.

Peace and Love.


Big Mike said...

What´s good my man? Glad to hear from U again...
I´ve been readin this blog for a while, and I´m almost checkin it everyday, cuz U always leave me wanting more. That shit U put up here is the truth! Word up! I need to put your shit in my cell or some, just to remeber and consider it when makin decissions day to day. Man, it´s hard to always know what´s right, and it it takes a lot of heart to not just know it, but live it! I´m tryin bro, I´m tryin! Your words keep me on track...
It would be great if U´d get back at me by Mail, it´s big-mike12@gmx.de hit me up man!
Anyway, just wanted U to know that your word is even spread in Germany! If U need a contact overseas any day, holla at me bro! I know U gon make some big shit happen!!

Annette Colbert-Beavers said...


Glad to know your spirits are up with the news! However, there is a time, too, when we must move on. I think you accepted responsibility a long time ago. Are you planning to release a book in the future. It would be a bestseller no doubt. If "Soul on Ice" did it so can yours, too. After all you have changed, you have much to offer - please don't lose sight of that.

VSQUARED said...

Mr. Ross, glad to hear from you again. Glad to see that your spirits are up in the face of unknowing. True to form, you have dropped some wise words for us to ponder. I do hope that you put forth some form of publication so that you can truly reach the masses especially the youth. I know my neighborhood needs to hear about admitting wrong and how to act when things are up or down. Compton....Roscrans and Long Beach Blvd...Please beleive that you can make an impact, because believe me, its been jacked off here for a long time too...and Obama ( best of luck by the way) is not addressing the issues of urban youth yet.

Carpe Diem
L.R. Townsend

Savage57 said...

@Big Mike
I think we always know the true right and wrong in a situation but its always the weighing of consequence vs award based on our individual values that clouds our vision or even blinds us completely to the other choices in front of us.

Shannon The Cannon said...

FREEWAY- I do not know you personally but you have made a huge inmpact on my good friend that was with you latley, all he talks about is you and how you have impacted his life. Thank you! we call him Voodoo-and I cant wait until I get a chanch to sit down with you face to face. I think you are one of the "Real Americans" who actually care about this country and the people in it. Your an inspiration even to those who dont know you personally.
wish you all the best-
Shannon The Cannon

Houston said...

I really wasn't expecting anything like what I am reading when i first heard about this blog. Man this is some deep stuff a lot of what i read amazingly i can take something away from. I really enjoy reading your blog brother and please man you have to write a book i guarantee it will sell!

Much Love,