Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Friends

This has been on my mind for a couple weeks, just couldn't put it
together so I thought I would start letting it rip. It is based on
friendship. Who are true friends? Everyone claims to be, but are
they willing to live up to the responsibility? I am close to being
released now, and a lot of old freinds are starting to pop back in the
picture. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of friends; some that would
show up if I called in the middle of the night. Some that claim they
are friends wouldn't give me a drink of water if I was dying of
thirst. Just cause they say they are friend doen't necessarily say
so. And sometime we can get confused on who is a friend and who's
not. See, I thought that the guy that first introduced me to cocaine
was my friend, I thought he was doing me a big favor. Then I thought
that my friend that told me not to sell cocaine was my enemy, was
jealouse. Thirty years later I learned the difference between the
two. See, the guy that taught me how to sell cocaine - we got
arrested together. I knew I was through, and going to jail, and felt
no need for the both of us to go. Loved him like a brother and took
the load and let him walk. The day he walked out the cell after we
gave each other a brotherly embrace, he told me I had nothing to worry
about and he had me. That was the last day I heard from him until he
was on his death bed. The guy that told me not to sell drugs, he was
like a father figure, taught me how to play tennis; a lot of other
things I didn't want. But when I got arrested, he was one of the
first to be there. Man, my vision was blurred, but I think we are
starting to see a lil clearer now. Now that I am on my way home, a
lot of old friends are coming around. Should I be a real friend and
let them back? Or do I leave them like they left me?



Annette Colbert-Beavers said...

Looks like you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share that could keep someone out of harm's way. I hope that as you share these thoughts, others pass it on so that if 1 person avoids a place call 'prison' it is worth it all.

Best to you, always,

Silent One said...

I say if they're coming back into your life for the wrong reasons then yea you should probably turn your back and forget about them. But if they're there to help you out, give you a hand and keep you grounded then by all means let them back in, embrace them, show them that homie love. You know any one can call themselves a friend but a true friend will prove that shit. Sometimes in the end though your the only one you can trust, you're your own friend. Hope all goes well for you though homie and don't let those fake friends lead you down the wrong path.

hst said...

Stay strong & if ur so-call friends r bringing negative results turn ur back,Remember its ur life & BROTHER do not WASTE the rest of ur life.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES

Anonymous said...

I would say the true friends look out for you and stay with you through any challenge. A friend is willing to wade through all kinds of shit with you and not care about getting dirty. If anyone who said they were a friend and didnt stick around through your trials and jail time, I wouldnt let them back in that close ever again. If anything, keep them at a distance.

Ricky Ross said...

I ain't letting nobody bring nothing negative to me. I only have about 25 more years to live and I have to make the best of it. Thanks for the blessing and I send it back to you. $FWE$

Ricky Ross said...

I agree with you. I will never turn my back on a friend. I would go through all kind of shit for my friends too. Yea, you have to keep a close eye on anybody that comes back after that. $FEW$

Ricky Ross said...

We definitely don't want nobody back in my life for the wrong reasons. I hope they are willing to help. I am definitely willing to help them. Definitely have to stay grounded. I do have homie love for everybody. Yea, they will have to prove it to me. I trust everybody until they prove me different. I hope it never gets to that point that I am the only one I can trust. I can't go down the wrong path again. Thanks. $FWE$

Ricky Ross said...

I am persuit of the knowledge and wisdom. I am hoping I can help us. If I can only help one person, that's good; no one needs to be in prison. $FWE$