Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I guess you guys heard about the Swine Flu. If it's not one thing, it's another. Now where did this come from? Say quite a few people died, and quite a few more are in intensive care. We had a town-hall meeting about it today; told us not to worry, they will treat it just like a common cold. And if they do, I bet a lot more people will die... they usually prescribe us water and rest. Well, I hope everyone out there stays safe. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, whatever it is, we don't need to spread it. I will be seeing you all soon. Can't wait to get my freedom. Haven't slept well in the last couple nights. I will try to do better tonight. $FWE$


J.Young said...

I bet it is hard to get some good sleep knowing freedom is so close, but try. Congratulations Rick!!!!!! I'm so happy for you it's crazy. Freeway Enterprise bout to take over man!!!!!!!!!!!!

tinkerlove said...

Congratulations goes to you,
I just found out that you are the real Rick Ross. I'm really glad to know that you have been given a second chance in life, this is real good. :) I am a firm beleiver that there is a reason and a season for everything and this must be yours. You do know that there is an imposter using your name???? I'm really offended by it, not to the point where it will hinder my life but still. I know that you are aware of the rapper using your name??? Oh well, if you don't mind then who am I to complain, at any rate it is good to know that a brother has another opportunity to have a life after the pin. I have a brother in prison that has been there for at least 15 years for just fighting, where I live here in Michigan you only have two chances in life to get it correct or the system will eat you alive and try to erase you from existance, whatever he did he did'nt deserve the amount of time that he got. ( sorry about the personal blot ) You enjoy your freedom and keep your head up and please stay clear from the destrution in todays world. I really hope to actually hear from you, I'm tinkerlove.....:)

D said...

Much love Rick keep your head up and stay free!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ricky, Good luck too you! I just found your site tonight. I didn't think you would ever see the outside again. I'm glad you did. Make a good go of it brother.

Anonymous said...

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Erick Hernandez said...


I just wanted to let you know that i just found your blog. And i also wanted to let you know that you have been an incredible role model for me all throughout college.

I grew up in North Richmond CA, and for years i wanted to be like you. A man i knew nothing about. I saw so many of my homies and family try to do it by force, and soon enough i saw them dead or in prison. Instantly i knew that was not the way to be like you.

I decided to give school a chance, with the dream of knowing how to be like you, but more "efficient." Little did i know that knowledge in itself means nothing in comparison to the wisdom that you develop when you are a conscious being.

I have now a different vision for putting my college education to use. Just like you, i want to amend my relationship with those communities, after witnessing and to some extent exacerbating the vicious cycle of pain and mercilessness that keeps us trapped in the concrete jungle we were born or raised in.

I know you must have an endless to do list once you get out. But if you are interested and you have time, i would like request an opportunity to conduct an interview with you. I'm currently working on some education research, and how we can improve our urban schools so our kids can have a future.

Everyone whether they are O.G's or young's on the street, value your opinion. I certainly do, and i'm only a college boy! I would be incredibly honored if you could helped me teach many of these people making policies, so they can better understand how our communities function and therefore make laws that improve them not cage them.

Irrespectively of your decision to help me or not, i just wanted to let you know that ever since i was old enough to understand the position you held, i wanted to be like you. Now, however, i want to be like you, but i also want to show our people that we have another way out if we are patient enough to stick through it. I'm the future buffet in the making, and stocks is what i'm caking.

I wish you nothing but positivity, and definitely more than just another 25 years of life homie. Keep your head up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Get ready for history in the making--you're going to be vortex.

Much Respect,

Parker said...

Hey Boss... I would just like to know what you're gona do about the fake rick ross once ur let out? R u gona ask him to change his name? or u gona let him run with it?

And what r u going to do once ur out? Im talking about as a livelyhood?

Best of luck with all ur future endeavours; from errbody in South Africa.

Jonathan "Cashanova" Parker

Wayne Flores said...

Hello, I have heard recently that he was found unresponsive in a hotel, Can you please verify?