Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life in Prison (Part 2)

For the next few posts of this Life in Prison series, I will be introducing you to some of the friends I have made in here.  They will tell you about themselves through their own words.

Life in prison... I'm forced to make the best of it!  My name is Nathan Dickey Fed # 18909-051 serving a 121 months for drug charges.  Everyday in you have to put yourself in a position to think for others.  Also constantly having to deal with all the negative mind sets a lot of people adapt.  Now let me give you a chance to go through a reality I had to face.  I was going through a custody case due to the fact my baby mama neglected my daughter.  Imagine being stressed out trying to get your caseworker to work with you because phone meetings have to be setup just to be able to get a call.  Then nobody in my family is doing what I say needs to be done. Last but not least stuck with 1500 inmates that you dont really know and cant really trust.  I lost my daughter to the state and it still hurts, homie!  Each year in prison takes a toll on you if youre not head strong.  Plus you watch for all the correctional officers cause everybody have they days with their power tripping.  This is year 6 for me and without putting myself around good people like Rick "Freeway" Ross with positive goals I would be a lost cause like so many of us here.  TV Radio all day every day is what they do.  If you ever get to do a stretch you'll see who your real friends is!  I aint got anyone out there but my mom still riding for me.  Thought I had some standup partners but since prison the street treat me like I am dead or snitching. Ha Ha I'm still here.  My daily routine is a computer course from 7am to 1pm then workout from 1pm to 3pm after that educate myself with financial knowledge reading 5 days a week.  That's how I survive by turning my negative situation into a stepping stone to success.  I am alway's looking to learn anything to help me make it in this world, feel me.  Holla at your boy!! 

Nathan Dickey
P.O. Box 7000
Texarkana, TX 75505-7000

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