Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rise and Fall of the Rapper and Rap Music!

I remember back in the day when rapping was all about the art. One expressing himself through lyrics. Nowadays, most rappers are only in it for the money, how much bling they can wrap around their wrists and necks, and most of them are young, confused puppets of corporate America. What's worse is that most of them know this and yet they continue as if nothing's awry. 

Over the years, the quality of good rappers and music has declined, and the rise of mediocre rappers and music has blossomed at an alarming rate. Back in the day, rappers knew who they were, what their identity was, and were willing to make a name for themselves by their lyrical talents. It was considered taboo to use someone else's name, lyrics or their identity. Back then rappers only rapped about what they'd lived, or had seen first hand.  In "the good old days" of rap, MCs would call each other out and battle with their lyrical skills. After a winner was decided by an energetic crowd, the two would shake hands and go their separate ways. But so much has changed since then. 

Rappers are killing each other, going back and forth to prison, fighting and so much more to keep up the fictional images that they're portraying. These days, most of the rappers want to be gangsters, famous drug dealers, and even pimps. Tell me, why is it so hard to just be yourself? Don't these industry puppets understand that all of the real gangsters, drug dealers, and pimps are either dead or in prison serving long bids? Most of them probably wish that they were rappers instead of spending 30 years of their life (or longer) inside federal and state prison walls. It's funny how rappers want to be the gangsters and drug dealers and the other "real" gangsters want to do something positive and legitimate. 

The last few years of rap music has been rough. The decline has reached an all time low.  CD sales are down and steadily falling. Most rappers are happy to sell 100,000 copies of their album. I remember one time when less than 500,000 copies sold would get you kicked off a label. Now the media and corporate America control the rap game. They can make or break an artist, whether he or she is good or not. It's all about packaging and marketing. Talent is no longer a requirement. Sources like BET, MTV, MySpace, and others dictate who will make it and who will fail. They (and so many others) are the puppet masters that are now in total control of the music industry. And we're buying it: hook, line, and sinker. Now, being the most talented rapper or MC, or even the best producer is no longer important. Either you play their game, by their rules, or you don't play at all. 

In order for us to fix this problem, we must first learn everything there is to know about the music business. Knowledge is the key to success! And this applies to everything in life, not just the rap game. You must be yourself and create your own name, image, and identity. No one likes or respects a fake.  Most importantly, you NEED desire. Call it ambition, mix in a little self discipline, and pretty soon you will be able to succeed. But this is no simple task. This path is filled with peril, back-stabbing, debauchery, and greed. Stay focused, keep your mind clean, and fight. These are the tools that will help you to achieve your goals. If you must focus on a specific trait, let it be discipline. In the book BUILT TO LAST it says: "Discipline is the greatest thing in the world. Where is no discipline, there is no character. And without character, there is no progress." 

Rappers and rap music have a chance, but not until we take control of our own destinies and go back to the original meanings and art form. We are giving the puppet masters the shovels to dig our own graves. 

Freeway Ricky Ross and Jimmy DaSaint 

P.S. - Rap is not dead, it's just barely hanging... on life support. 


Anonymous said...

I love this. And I completely agree upon how the rap game is declining. However I would like to say this: That our society, culture has changed , this is not the early 90's anymore, people have changed, its all about partying and the club thing and that is where teens and young adults like myself want to go and hit the club and hear stuff you can dance to. I was a 90's kid and grew up in the 90's but I am not sure how things were then, Im only speculating based on seeing old school hip hop videos, I think you can dance to some ill joints from some pete rock shit, to ohh O.C. shit, to Dred Scott shit, to Masta Ace shit... but now that I think about it the sounds have changed people like this crunk shit and whatever other sound is popular now which is all pretty ugly IMO. I think there is a time and place for it, but not in my cd collection.

MiC bUrNs..."iM dA rEaSoN lOnG bEaCh Is On FiRe". said...

the rise and fall of the rapper and rap music.....this title explains alot on whats is happening today in the hip hop world. First of all a rapper is a product of the business culture in hip hop. An MC is a product of the actual culture itself. Theirs lots of rappers, and people that can rhyme out there, but that doesnt make them MC's. An MC understands the history, the roots, the back round story on hip hop. A "REAL" MC appreciates the ability to be able to use their voice as a weapon or switch it up and use it as a voice for reason. Words are powerful, and when used in the right way, words can go far. This is what we as artist needs to start understanding. I am a "REAL" MC, that uses his voice to explain a struggle and have his situation heard. I dont do this for money, or fame, or recognition...I do it because MC'ing lets me realease the anger that i have had inside of me for all these years. And i also use it as a way to express answers and choices that i have in life. God has possesed me with the gift of MC'ing and i plan to take full advantage...but just like i have been blessed there is other great MC's out their waiting to be heard. Im just one of the lucky ones, and i plan to tear the hip hop game apart with my lyrics....wat up boss!..MiC bUrNs...

Lucid said...

I've got to agree with you 120%

Really though, one of the biggest issues is the pressure of making great music, everyone wants to be a success but no one wants to risk a brand new sound that will be overlooked by many as a bad attempt at rapping, so everyone just targets an existing style in order to create an ongoing fad (for example a new dance) this same style of business applies to every form of entertainment (example: the continuous sequels, spin-offs and remakes in the movie, television, and video game businesses) it's the same as peer pressure, a kid in school is afraid to be made fun of for the way he dresses so he buys clothing to fit in with his peers (a wolf in a sheep's clothing or vice versa)

To disagree with the two comments above me, it's not exactly about the history or the new sounds (i.e. the way it was in the 90s or the new Crunk and Hyphy styles) it's just the originality, it's one thing to rap about politics and the hardships in society yes that's positive but it's another to be yourself and rap about how hard your last math test was or about how you hated working at Rite Aid, avoiding things like that is why Hip-Hop is considered dead now a days.
Nobody wants to try anything new, or listen to anything new for that matter.

Ricky Ross said...

Anonymous, hey good looking. Yea, our society and culture has changed. And I think it's on the decline too. You're right, our spending habits reflects so. That's why the trade deficit is at an all time high. No one in America wants to work anymore. You almost can't get clothes made in America. People used to take pride in there work. And I think old school rappers did the same thing. Now it's just about getting a Bentley and lying about how much your blunts cost. These guys have lost the art form. There is no truth in rap. And who's to blame? $RR$

Ricky Ross said...

Mic Burns, I agree that rappers have become a product of the business culture. Thanks for explaing the difference between the rapper and the mc. And it does make sense they would want some background and culture. Well, now I think most of the rappers are using their voice to spread lies. I have heard of rappers going on stage with alcohol bottles filled with ice tea. Total deceit, all looking to make a quick buck. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making a qiuck buck, but we should keep it real. I am glad you are using your voice to explain the struggle. And by you not doing it for the money, I know that you really create art. Well it is a good way to release anger and I guess frustration. I would love to hear some of your music. That's good that you are going to take advantage of your God given gift. Well, thats why I build, to give real MCs a chance to be heard. I hope you didn't tear the hip hop community up with your lyrics and I wish that we could hook up. Peace. $RR$

Ricky Ross said...

Lucid, Yea I agree with you, you must take chances. But without risk there is no success. Yea I agree everybody sounds like Young Jeezy to me. Or should I say try to. Movies are doing the same thing. The fat cat in Hollywood couldn't pick a hit if it fell in there laps. Well to tell you the truth, everybody makes some good points. Well I think one of the most important things is to be yourself. I guess if you were creative enough you could rap about math and how hard it was. Or that you can't get a job. Well I think people would listen to something new if they could find it. The probability right now is that you can't find the music cause it's not on the shelf. And alot of the poor kids can't get on the internet. $RR$

Matsiko said...

I don't know if you have the ability to read external articles or not, but this article falls in line with what you're saying and takes it a step deeper. Let me know what you think.

Ricky Ross said...

Matsiko, thanks for sending the artical, I got it forwarded to me. I am defintely going to read it and I appericate your comment. Yea, those would be some tough question to answer. But thats been our problem for too long, we have been selling out for money. You know there are people out there with skills who wont work cause they are not getting paid. A doctors first priorty is to heal. Sounds like we are still doing that today. This artical is right on point. Things haven't changed much. I agree that they have killed good rap music. Yea, blacks are a big part of the problem. Well I am sure that whites buy most rap records. Thanks for all that you have done and I hope we stay in touch. $RR$

KP said...

So much blame you sling it around because everyone is guilty! The same way the gov. pushed dope in the hood (different conversation I know) is the same way record companies (predominately run by white males) are signing, marketing, promoting and distributing this mindless dribble that they call urban music. If black people were the senior staff at the majority of major labels I think music would sound very different, i.e. better?! We as a people (not I) continue to buy this crap. Uplifting, spiritual, or black pride music gets shuffled into the trash. Kanye west shopped Jesus Walks and couldn't get a record deal from a major label! Which came first the chicken or the egg? Do they make this garbage because we buy it; or do we buy it because they make and promote this garbage? I don't know.


“It's these steps that separate a visionary from the ordinary. I have never wanted to be ordinary." -Double R

Matsiko said...


I don't think Ricky is necessarily "slinging blame" as much as he is acknowledging the corporate influence on the decline of substance and conviction in rap lyrics. It wasn't until rap music was capitalized and the rapper's purpose shifted from initiating change in his community to hoarding wealth. This paradigm shift transformed the rapper from an agent of social change into a 21st century minstrel, dawning the bling that amounts to nothing more than modern day Black Face to entertain his predominantly white audience. Now don't get me wrong, I'm white, and Tupac is one of my favorite artists of any music genre; and I sincerely believe that white participation in Hip Hop Culture (even on the consumer level) is, to an extent, a manifestation of Martin Luther King's Dream. The love of money is the root of all evil, and I think that's increasingly clear when we look at the commercialization and decay of hip hop over the years.

- Ryan

KP said...


I think Double R is "slinging blame" and I think he is unequivocally 100% correct in his deduction. I only want to say - don't stop there.


Ricky Ross said...

KP: Hey thanks for getting back at me. I agree, everyone can be held accountable. Hey, thats a low blow with the government pushing dope in the hood. Smile. But its all good, the truth is the truth. Man, with all our brothers making all that cash you would think that some of them would reach back. But these cats like 50 are greedy. They make their crew cry and beg for crumbs off the table. They really don't care about the people, its all about themselves. I agree, if we had more brothers working on these labels the music would sound different. Or even young cats and females. You got all these old gray headed or bald cats that have never been on the streets. Or its been so long since they struggled, they don't know what it's like. You are right, we will never know which came first, but we have to keep trying to make a difference. I am going to try with my new website; to give the voices a place to speak their minds and be heard. Have you checked out Would you tell a few more artist about it too? Keep your boy posted. It gets dark in here sometime. $RR$

Ricky Ross said...

Matsiko: What's up homie. I see you be keeping up with a playa! No, I ain't trying to sling blame, I have done too much wrong in my day. And I appericate you having my back. You know they always want to twist what we say. Yea I agree that there was a shift from trying to make change in the community to capitalism. Man, you couldn't have put it no better. I wish I could have put it in words like you did. I think you have a good point too about Martin Luther King's dream, but I do disagree with you about money being the root of all evil. Now I use to feel like that, but since I have been around crime for quite sometime, I have learned that most people commit crimes when they are broke. So now I say the lack of money is the root of all evil. But there are fools with money that would want nothing more to see everyone else flat broke and worshipping them. I nstead of giving themselves to the fans they want to own all the fans. But I think we are going to get back to where we used to be. There are alot of real people out there. And the people are getting fed up with these cartoon charters. I know I am. $RR$

Anonymous said...

This was on point. Although rappers (and us producers) want to get PAID, if the main focus is the money, and not making music because we love it, we lose. Once people started paying more attention to the money, that's when the quality of the music started to decline. Do it because you love it, be true to yourself, and make the best music YOU can make. (Stop copying Jeezy, 50, Jay-Z, Snoop, T.I., etc.) If we get back to that kind of dedication to the craft, the quality of the music will improve. The money will come.

Ricky Ross said...

Chairman: You are right, we all lose. Hey, you know we just lost Anheuser-Busch to a foreign country. A perfect example of people putting money before their people. Look at me, I put money before people and wind up in prison. Thats what I say now, chase your dreams. You are right, you have to be yourself. I agree if the quality is there the money willl come. So are you a rapper or producer? What city are you from? I would love to have some of your music on Stay in touch. $RR$

Anonymous said...

RR: I'm both a producer and an emcee, from Hartford, CT. I have a few songs on my myspace page, but I can certainly send you more. I'll definitely keep in touch.


EDOGZ818 said...

I'll tell you right now , the problems discussed are all symptoms of a greater problem. We , as Black America , have no true independance. Finacially stable or not , we are at the mercy & under the control of White America.

We are a nation within a nation. Permanent consumers. No where to reinvest our wealth , only spend it , augmenting our enslavers income.

Taxation has kept us slaves , as much as bad laws , legislators , & representatives.

Shyt , even BET is owned by a whiteman , so how can you wonder why rap minstrels proliferate mainstream music?

Big up to The Real Rick Ro$$ & thumbs down to the phony one.

Ricky Ross said...

Well, I disagree with you on there being nowhere to invest our wealth. We just don't take the time to figure it out. Too busy with the bling bling. I really appericate your support. The one thing I know we are lacking is finincal literacy, you are not born with that. $RR$

EDOGZ818 said...

Ok , break it down on investing. Where can we spend without the government taking a slice or penalizing us for witholding it?

Private businesses are subjected to taxation. Even our labor & trade , wich is specifically exempt from taxation , according to the constitution , is taxed.

Where do we have a government that actually represents us?

Explain how big tobacco & alohol , Merk , Phizer , etc. , can pump thier drugs all throughout our communities & turn around and imprison you for the same thing?

Imagine how much money would be lost through legalazation:
Less jails , Correction Officers ( Like the rapper Rick Ross who stole your name... LOL ) , prosecutors , defense attorneys , stenographers , court officers , clerks , janitors , etc...

That's not even counting the fact that if you could grow a plant for free ( Marijuana ) that could treat :
Depression , anxiety , loss of apettite , insomnia , asthma , pain & all around mellow you out?

No more seraquil, nyquil , ridlin , etc.

You know better than anyone that the whole " Just say No " campaign was sponsored by legal drug dealers.

Just say no to drugs? Nah , just Jamal's drugs on the corner , buy our drugs , endorsed by the government. ( FDA )

Prisons are modern day plantations. If there were no crime , the government would create it , by passing new laws , to keep the economy from going belly up.

The Israeli's have Israel. The Chinese have China. The mexican's have Mexico , etc. Even the African's send money home. Where can Black American's invest independantly ? In our Home country? Without having it subsidize these criminal police?
Sean Bell , Amadou Diallo , Elanor Bumpurs , etc.

Shyt , my tax dollars help keep you in prison & I damn sure don't agree with that!

Ricky Ross said...

EDOGZ, first of all it's perfectly ok to pay the government it's taxes. This country needs for us to pay our taxes. It's the government that needs to be fixed. So I don't think we should mind them getting a cut as long as you are making enough to take care of yourself. Well, right now this government is not repping us and that needs to be fixed, we have to fix this government. I totally agree with you that tobacco and alcohol kills more people than other drugs combined, but the thing about them is they are organized. They are probably the ones behind these tough laws. Lets get together to make a change. A lot of people would be out of a job and I agree some of our tax dollars are being wasted but there are some worthy causes. The list would be too long to go through right now. No, they don't care about free marijuana, they only see it one way. Yea, I do know that the just say no campaign was a fraud. They keep the prices high, and you are right, the government is going to pass laws to keep us enslaved. The best place to invest is in yourself. Then we could buy our own land. America is for sale. Yea I already know your tax dollars are keeping me in prison and I don't agree with it either. Lets start making a change, me and you. Peace and Love my Brother, and thanks for chatting with me. $RR$

EDOGZ818 said...

%100 agree in investing in ourselves.

One unknown point.
Taxes are for corporations , not individuals.

Labor , trade , songs between individuals isn't taxable according to the constitution.

Of course we have to pay taxes , but only because of the penalties for not doing so , not the law.

That's authoratarism , not democracy. Infact , the last true democracy was in 588 BC, practiced by Kleastenes , in Greece. We have a representative democracy , which is easily manipulated by the electorial college.

I consider paying taxes , akin to paying someone $100 that they say you owe them , while they refuse to pay you the $5,000 that they know they owe you.

how come criminals have to pay reparations & restitution when they are caught for a crime ( Imprisonment counts ) , yet the most powerful criminal in the world escapes justice?

Because they control the Justice system.

Pure authoratarism!
Gang shyt in it's most basic form.

Peace & stay strong!

Ricky Ross said...

EDOGZ818: Man, you went deep on this one! That's one angle that I won't add nothing or take nothing away. I have read a lot of stuff about the Straw man and what you are saying is absoultely correct. I totally agree. $RR$

Anonymous said...

This is J.Prezidente of DA HITTAZ in ATL GA. HIP HOP is what we live,RAP is what we do...satin this we need to stop buying it. Nobody is putting a gun to our heads and forcing us to buy it. the last cd I bought is Killer Mike and it is JAMMIN.We need to stop supporting bullshit i.e. BET aka the shuck and jive network, MTV, and these so called award shows and start looking and buying good music. We just gotta to look for it , I know the good music is out there .We need to start telling these kids SMART IS DA NEW GANGSTA. And the women need to stop buying the music,u trying to find a good man, but u want a PILES or a FAKE RICK ROSS, but it will change soon and I'm ready to help. and WE NEED BALANCE!

EDOGZ818 said...

@ J.Prezidente:

Honestly , IMO , ( I could be wrong ) but the average kid doesn't buy music legitimately. Bootleg CD's , downloads , burns , etc.

Rarely do they go to Wally World & fork over $17 plus tax for garbage. Not saying it doesn't happen , just not as much as you think.

Most sales are sold to lower to upper middleclass & above , instead of to some ghetto dweller , with his phone , cable , gas bill shutoff notices on his door.

They aren't the core audience of these rap minstrels. They may watch them on BET ( AKA: Shuck & Jive Network )VHI , etc , but I doubt they are spending hard earned cash.

There is a huge international market , for portraying Blacks as Bling whores , living it up in America. It portrays them as happy slaves , instead of politically concious prisoners , struggling in a racist society.

It is hard to exploit the world when viewed as an explioter. This is why Malcom X & MLK were killed. They were bringing the plight of Black America to an international level of human rights. ( IMO )

The implicit message is that Blacks are happy , wealthy , & just fine. It is also used as a counterbalance to good parenting.

It keeps the jails full of our impressionable youth , who actually think that they can be sucessful criminals without government support , due to the example being set by these studio gangsters / drug dealers / anybody killers.

These are just my opinions.

Ricky Ross said...

EDOGZ. Yea I agree with you, most of the kids are suburban kids. They don't have the cash to spend like you say. LOL. Man you are too much. Happy Slaves, huh? But you make a lot of sense. Hey, there are guys here that party it up everyday. I love the job that Malcom and MLK was doing too. Oh, you forgot about lazy and uneducated, and more opportunity than they need. None will make it in crime and those studio gangsters are not making it any better. If they pay attention in real life, they will see it's two ways out: the pen and the grave. $RR$

Ricky Ross said...

JP: I like Killa Mike too. You are right that we need a place to find good music - that's why I put up Hey, whenever you find some good music please let us know so we can put it up. Hey I like that, smart as a new gangster. You are right, it's going to change soon and I am going to help change it. $RR$

Anonymous said...

"Smart is the new Gangsta". I love it. This could be a new movement. It pisses me off when I see kids who are ASHAMED of their own intelligence. Holding themselves back because they won't "fit in" by striving to excel in school. Growing up caring more about jewelry and cars than college. What does that make us? Still slaves, only now the chains are gold and platinum. What part of the game is this?

Huskey of The TMI BOYZ said...

What it is Rick? 1st of all I want to say that even though i dont now you I really look up to u. Not because of the things that you did in the past but because of knowledge and wisdom that u posses and share with people especially young black men such as myself bro. I am in the music industry myself and you know as hard as it is to admit it you are absolutly right hip hop is not dead it is on life support. You got rappers making up fairy tales about drugs and crimes and bullshit that they didnt do and when little kids are suckin that shit up and thinkin its real, if u really sit down and listen they lyin they ass off. Rap...well music in general has kinda turned into a get rich quick kinda thing i feel. I went and did a show at this school once and I asked this lil kid what he wanted to be when he grew up and u know what he said....he wanted to be a rapper!! I asked him why and he said cuz I wanna be rich and drive nice cars and have alotta jewelery!! Wow! After he said that to me that let me know that its cool to live life and enjoy yourself, it's even cool to have nice things if u can afford it and thats what you desire but its not cool to teach these young kids that life is all about pussy, money, weed, clothes, jewels, and cars the shit that comes and gos! More rappers should actually have more to say than just that even thought we gon talk about it anyway. At the end of your album and no one can get anything out of it besides that than your not gonna last too long anyway no matter how manny records you sell on your 1st few album cuz eventually the world is gonna grown tired of that bullshit cuz everybody in the world aint rich so your not relating to most of the americans who work 9 to 5 everyday. this blog was nicely put Rick and this was very much needed to be said! God bless!

Huskey of The TMI BOYZ

Ricky Ross said...

Huskey of The TMI Boyz: What's up lil homie. I know of you, I got picture of you guys at Disney World. Yea I can't wait to share this knowledge with my young brothers. Something I wish somebody would have done with me when I was younger. Yea I know you are in the music business. I got my people pushing you all over the country. I told them that you are going to blow up. Well guys like you can turn this music industry around. Yes, its time to talk about the struggle. And most important - stay grounded. See you have to always control the money and never let the money control you. Everybody wants the get rich quick scheme. We have been taught that it's not cool to struggle. The struggle was ordained for man, it's good for his soul. You are correct, there is defintely more to life than pussy, money, weed and jewelry. How about lifting your peeps out of poverty? What about police burtallity? Giving life sentencing for non violent crimes. Oh, we are doing a soundtrack for an anti-drug war documentary. I would love to have the TMI Boyz participate (contact Thats right, you should stay a part of your fans. They own you, you don't own them. Hey you keep doing your thing and I am looking for big things out of you. I love you and tell the rest of the fellows I send my love. $Triple R$

EDOGZ818 said...

Big up Rick!

It appears our secondary communication channel has temporarily closed. Make arrangements for openning a new channel , via our original channel.

On our planet!
Peace said...

I realize you have extremely limited access to computers, but there is an incredibly talented rapper I recently worked with on a video. It is a song with a message for More Love. He isn't big yet, just a large youtube buzz. If you are able to receive video footage or audio clips via email, I would be glad to send some through. My email is what I post as.


JYoung said...

It's true that rap music is suffering right now and it's true that some of the blame goes toward these labels only willing to properly promote rappers who are materialistic and putting on an act. It's also true that some blame goes toward the rappers who fill radio air waves with BS and lies. But in my experience with promoting my own music I've found that the consumers are not only accepting a lesser quality of music but they are actually demanding it. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with any certain type of music if the artist is truthfully expressing him or herself, but, these days hip hop is a mere puppet show and for the artists who aren't willing to let someone control them with a hand up their behind, there are no open doors. We listen to rappers down talk marraige only to see them get married. We allow men potraying gangsta to kiss one another. We let verified snitches top the charts. We let rappers steal names of men who made their name really doing what they only pretend to do only to find out they are trying so hard to keep up an image that they can't tell the truth. If you were a CO just admit it and this whole thing would have been over by now. All of this burns me up inside because I love hip hop. Hip hop got me through nights when my mother was working late and my father was smoking dope while me and my younger brother were home alone hungry. Hip hop taught me how to approach various types of women and how to spot the different types a mile away. Hip hop made me dance, cry, laugh, and unfortunately it aided me in criminal activity as well. Hip hop is my father, my brother, my mother, sister, friend, aunt, uncle, high school sweet heart, etc. The time is coming for me to take her hand and lead her away from the clowns who pimp her for quick bucks because they can't see her real potential. There has been nothing that has helped african americans more than hip hop has. It has no color lines. It allows you to express yourself, and it's fed millions of minds, souls, and bodies. For all of you sick of the current state I ask for your help and I ask for your support. My name is J.Young and I am dedicated to changing this world starting with the music I love most. You can hear some of my mixtape at You know what I'm saying is the truth, it's from the heart of J.Young.

Ricky Ross said...

J. Young. Hey, good to hear from you again. I really like your grind. Well right now with this economy its hard for every industry. This is the time to make the advance - while everyone else is pulling back. The good thing about making music from the heart is it will last. Imposters only last for so long. Yea, we need those days back. We got blessed with feelings and experiences and believe me, I feel it coming back. Yea I had no father either, and the streets were kind of my home so i know exactly what you mean about people not having a father around the house. And you are right, whether the rapper likes it or not they become the voice of the streets. But you know whats funny? They never talk about the soilders that were lost and forgotten. Trying to get all those things that you named. Man talking to you makes my life flash back. Well in actuality we do have responsibility, because if you sit back and don't help the cure then you are just as bad as the people that are doing it. Yea you would hope that everybody would be real, but that's just not the way it is. People lie to us all the time. It has become the American way. We must remember that struggle is ordained for humans. We struggled in and we will struggle out. I agree its hard do be something that you are not, or should I say, its impossible. You know Jesus said let he that hasn't sinned cast the first stone. There is nothing that can make you gangster or real but the real. It is what it is. Yes, you are lucky cause really the reward for selling drugs and gang bangin is jail and the graveyard. The women and cars are only temporary. I'm glad that you wrote me and yes, I am looking for different artists, ones that are creative and have something to say. The real will always get back. I will never have the young person reach out to me and I don't reach back. To me thats total disrespect. Yes, you have made a geninue friend. I must tell you that I enjoyed this comment. Well, my blog is to allowing people to tell it like it is, people that have sat in holding tanks knowing that their best friend or brother would be driving a stake through their hearts. And they don't want it to happen to any more young brothers. No, its not about the ice, it becomes about family, loneliness and seperation. Something that you never saw on t.v. before. I only hope that we can get more young people to read. I have alot more in store with a lot more brothers that want to share. I accept your thanks with great honor, and I will pass your words to my other brothers here. Yes, we do have a nice team that is helping us. Yea, I hope they continue to help us too, it's truly hard to express yourself behind these walls. Peace and Love J. Young, can't wait to get your letter. $Triple R$

Victor said...

hey man my name is Victor Dabish me and my brother want to know if u where in the young jeezy video if u where how

Victor said...

and one more thing f*** all the hater u did what u had to

Aaron said...

freddie gibbs is really doing it proper imo. Release two mixtapes better then the average rappers studio album afta he got kicked off interscope. He doesn't mess with labels like dat and does what he wants, yes im dick ridin but dont care

EDOGZ818 said...

EDOGZ818@AOL.COM said:

Peace Rick Ross , glad you are out!
This blog hits close to home , especially with that fake @$$ industry puppet pretending to be you glamorizing the path to jail & death.

Rap is dead, but Hip Hop ( Her Infinite Power Helps Oppressed People ) will live forever!

Thank god Real people like you exist & do thier part to help the youth. Much love & respect!

The fake rappers remind me of the movie " CB4 " or the Main Source track " Faking The Funk"

Thanx for keeping it gully, funky & 100%.