Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guest Blogger: Willie Dutch

This is your boy Willie Dutch. I am an incarcerated author/rapper reppin da Dirty South. This is the first of many weekly blogs that I have coming your way for 2008 and beyond.

You might be saying to yourself, "why should I give a damn about what this nigga has to say?" I'll tell you why... Because I'm da Truth. And we all need a little truth in our lives right now. Especially with all the fake shit that's been going on lately.

With that said let me begin. The first issue I want to address is the hypocrisy in hip hop. This isn't more evident than in the lastest revelations about officer, ahem, I mean rapper, Rick Ross aka William Roberts. Now we know why Noriega owes him a hundred favors. LOL! But the fact that he was once a C.O. isn't as bad as his reaction has been after the truth came out. He is still denying that it was him on the damaging photos that have bee flooding the internet, even though his tax forms confirmed that it was him. To make matters worse, he recently did an interview in Don Diva in which he continued his recent streak of reckless statements. He even went as far as calling the "Real" Rick Ross a rat! How can you talk down on the very person whose identity you stole?! Or better yet, ask yourself this: If he was a C.O. in '95 and started rapping in '96, when did he have time to become this big time kingpin he portrays? The answer is that he didn't.

In my opinion all these fake rappers need to be exposed for the impostors they are.  Maybe then we can bring back REAL Hip-Hop!!


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Crystal Robbins said...

Mr.Dutch please forgive me for not responding to you blog about Ricky Ross. I am a book junkie and i have been waiting for "A day after forever Pt. 2 for so long. I was waiting on the edge of my seat but fell off-LOL. So whats going on. I dont want to rush you but its time for it to drop baby. Keep ya head up, you have book fans that really love you and cant wait for you to get wicked with your pen again!
Crystal R.