Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flashback: INS Agent Tells of Errors

Los Angeles Times / July 23, 2000

Launching his bid for a new trial, South-Central Los Angeles crack kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross put one of his own captors on the witness stand Thursday, accusing an INS agent of illegally supplying a green card to the Nicaraguan parolee who helped set him up for arrest.

Ross, whose conviction four years ago sparked an international furor over the U.S. government’s alleged role in the drug trade, contends that the Immigration and Naturalization Service sanitized the files of Oscar Danilo Blandon, allowing the trafficker-turned-informant to obtain permanent residency despite his own cocaine-related crimes.

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4 comments: said...

Based on how honest his testimony seemed, I'd say the powers that be had made that process the natural way in government agencies. I'm glad though that some honesty was brought forth, I can remember seeing that article in the paper... Stay up Rick.

EDOGZ818 said...

Damn , talk about some STR8 bull$hyt! The goverment & the snitch STR8 commiting perjury , geting caught lying & they still got Rick In jail behind that.

Sue they feds too & continue to fight that conviction. Ni99a's got you doing the pres & CIA's ( AKA: Criminals In Action or Cocaine In America )time.

Then they give them a pass and say it wasn't perjury , but laziness. INS , & the snitch Blandon both got lazy at the same trial / time , on the same issue , by coincidence? GTFOH ( Get the $%#k outta Here! )

So how come the didn't say Lil Kim was lazy instead or perjury? That shyt proves this shyt is a Bull$hyt!

Ni99a's STR8 stacking the deck & creating crime.

On a side note:
SMFH @ Rick , fresh out the pen & trying to get back on his feet with 100 bricks. LOL

WTF can I say about that shyt? Copping 100 bricks , like a Ni99a cop a burger. LOL

Talk about large , & I know that shyt had to be on some small time , test the waters , dibble dabble shyt. LOL

Ni99a's get out the pen with clothes that's too tight from & the soles on they shoes winking.

That's a hell of a fall back stash!

You shoulda known that ni99a was no good. The timing of his release & the fact that he did 28mnths off a life bid , shoulda tipped you off , but I bet you just figured , the system corrupterthan Blandon , so corrupt in fact , like they proved in trapping , setting up , lying to get you , that anything is possible.

Either that , or you was broke a$$ a mofo & you was getting the bricks ,while Blandon was getting jellyrolled.

Just kidding!
( as Borat would say )

You gonna have to tell me that one face to face after you get out. I can only imagine. LMFAO
Stay positive man! See you soon.
Drinkz on you after you sue the $hyt outta these snakes. Congratz on your future paper!$$$$$$$

Ni99a's better do everything possible to keep me & mines off that jury , cuz when they ask how much your award is going to be , we gonna reply " All 'dey shyt!"

Ricky Ross said...

Edogz818: Yea, I'm glad someone recongized. You know it's a double standard. They wanted me off the streets. And you know, guys say that I put them on the stand and call them lieing assholes, they called me the snitch. $Triple R$

Ricky Ross said...

Left Lane: Yes it is true, but I don't believe in destiny. I believe you have free will to think. We have the power to change our situation. Well, when you say we are in control of it I agree with that, no question about it. When you are in control of your own, then you can help it out. I got your stuff but they sent the cd back. Hey, you still haven't accepted your invite to your email. Alright get at me. Don't forget to put Waxx on my site. $Triple R$