Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Miracles" By Stacy Whitaker aka Mr. Dizzle

It seems your life had been stripped naked to the core 
Every piece of clothing has been shredded and torn 
No one seems to notice the bare naked skin 
Nor the wounds that have been cut within 
The foundation can no longer cover the sad face you wear 
Your happiness has dried up to a mask that's scared 
You hear voices but can't comprehend the words. 
Nor recognize the beautiful birds 
They have wings that spread the length of you 
They have come to clothe you a life so new 
You think you are dreaming and you say this can't be true 
Miracles have never happened to someone like you 
So they lift you and kiss you a brand new breath 
Set you free gave you strength when you felt you had none left 
The miracles never stop you will always be blessed 
They fly away and whisper you have passed the test 
Miracles are angels watching your steps. 

Written by
Stacy Whitaker 
P.O. Box 7000
Texarkana, TX 75505-7000


Anonymous said...

Just 2 more years. Hang in there, man.

Anonymous said...

Let me also say this: I think God or Allah or whoever will forgive you, easily. I doubt he'll be so quick to forgive those remorseless puppetmasters in the government. I know when you get out, you'll be a far more positive on this earth than any of those bastards. Good luck. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Just found this website today, and would like to say I'll be here often to read more. it's a blog from the heart. I was wondering if you real or have read any David icke or Jordan Maxwell? Peace and Love

Ricky Ross said...

Glad that you all found my website, and I am glad that you will be coming back! The only way it should come is from the heart. No, I haven't read David Icke or Jordan Maxwell, I will try to make some time to get around to it. I love reading educational books. Thanks for the comments and hope to hear back from you. $RR$