Friday, June 6, 2008

Life in Prison (Part 5)

For the rest of this Life in Prison series, I will be introducing you to some of the friends I have made in here. They will tell you about themselves through their own words.

As a first time incarcerate in 37 years of living it has been an experience adjusting to a new way of doing things. After serving 20 years in the military, and working for more than 17 for a major airline, prison life is all to new for me. I just can't seem to digest that I waited until I was 36 years old to get into trouble. Neither can I believe that after a lengthy, flawless record in the military I received a sentence that could've and should've been probation. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I honestly believe that I was put in prison not for the crime that was committed, but to realize what could''ve happen had I continued to live the life that I was living. I feel as thought The Man upstairs noticed me doing thing unbecoming of a family man e.g. closing down the clubs, neglecting my family etc. It was bad enough being deployed away from them let alone not going home to visit as often as I should have. Prison life has already taught me a wealth of information. You find out who your true friends are. You also find out what type of person you really are, as opposed to the guys that you live around, or involve yourself with along with the other guys in prison. You either change, adapt or stay the way you are hence the saying Do You. Its a long shot but I think that I can make a difference in my current environment, but sharing my knowledge and wisdom from years of punching a clock vs hustilin on the streets to kinda revitalize their way of thinking can also feed off of them by gaining more knowledge of the street. By adhering to what we both have learned and adding the knowledge of God to the equation, this will complete the total balance of life to help us succeed in life after prison. A prison environment is somewhat similar to a military environment. You have to abide by rules in whatever you do. The food is about the same as well. But back to the blog, prison is a learning experience. You can either right your wrong, learn too to commit your crime better, or enjoy the all bills paid 3 hots and a cot type lifestyle. My intent of this bid is to meet as many positive folks, regardless of crime committed as I can to network and feed off of each other to succeed in the future. Please respond with any question or comments or concerns that you have. 
Clarence Hodge #79839-179 
FCI Texarkana 
P.O.Box 7000 
Texarkana, TX. 75505-7000 

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