Thursday, June 5, 2008

On Obama

It appears the winds are changing. I know Obama can't do all that needs to be done for this country in 8 years, nor could any other human. America is in waters that have never been charted before. I have heard that there are two sets of books; one says that we are $9 trillion in debt, the other says $55 trillion, and every year the budget is a trillion and a half short. It's time for us Americans to buckle up and make the sacrifices that are required. I am fully ready to do my part. If it means eating a little less and working a little harder, I am totally for it. The people have spoken, they nominated Obama. Hopefully the rest of the politicians catch on and know that there is a time change. No more doing business the same old way where I rub your back and you rub mine while the majority of the people suffer. I am so glad that the American people still have a backbone. I hope we continue to stand. The winds are blowing, will the dead bones raise and stand or will that shake and rattle and roll over?



kristina said...

I agree with you! Obama's nomination gives me goose bumps. I am volunteering for his campaign here in Michigan. I think that all politicians are full of BS, but i really believe in this man. He hasn't been caught up in any lies, and he refused to bash his opponents through out this whole primary, he took the bashes they where giving him and kept his head up. We need to come together as American's and support Obama. I will do my part. Kristina Fox, BC, MI

Ricky Ross said...

Kristina, thanks, I think Obama is the closet thing that we have to change too. I also think it's time for us to stand up and make a change. I made my mind up that I am going to do my part. These people have been selling our country out for trinkets and bags of magnets. This country was build on hard work and sacrifice and if we want to keep the right and freedom that we have, we better wake up now. That's a good look that you are volunteering for the campaign in Michigan. More of us should do so. I will be campaigning for him from here on out.

kristina said...

Thank you for commenting! My assistant thought I was lying to her that you wrote me back. This whole movement with the American Drug War opened my eyes to a lot of things.I realized that I could just sit back and keep doing nothing or do something to bring out my full potential, and at the same time hopefully bring someone else to theirs. You are very inspirational to me and I hope your voice reaches many more. I will work on it out here! Kristina