Monday, September 1, 2008

From the Desk of Kenneth Moore (Part 4): Getting Started

Rule #1
Wealth comes easily and in abundance to any person who will save at least 10 percent of all their earnings and dedicate these earnings towards building their fortune. Wealth Accounts create a wealthy account by setting aside 10 percent of all you earn. Any business book you read will instruct you to pay yourself first before you do anything else. If you don't pay yourself first, then you probably won't pay yourself at all. The Wealth Account operates under those same principles. If you don't set aside 10 percent off the top you probably wont set aside 10 percent at all. The 10 percent set aside is extremely important because it is the Wealth Account that is going to change your life. Fortunes are made using money to make more money.

Rule #2
Money works diligently and constantly for the wise owner who finds employment for it. When you put money to work it becomes your slave and its children becomes your slaves. When you put to good use mone multiplies for its employer like flocks of the field. In the beginning 10 percent may not seem like much but as time goes on and you start finding ways to put your money to work your Wealth Account will began to multiply. Thats all it takes to build wealth. You must learn how to make your money multiply and then continue to reinvest your profits over and over creating a cycle. Once you have created a wealth cycle you will then be on easy street. The sooner you start the quicker you will get there so start building your Wealth Account immediately.


J.Young said...

Ricky told me about this and I'm sure I don't have the understanding that I will after a few years, but I do understand to an extent now. Just putting my 1st 10% up felt really good and I'm already on round 3. Funny to see how you can go check to check spending on bills but when you pay yourself first you do what you've been and what many other struggling families do around the world, and that's making due with what you got. I pretend tha 10% I put away is not even there. Unless of course I'm putting it toward something to help build my wealth. For me, it's my music. But it can be anything for anybody.

Highlight said...

Yo no doubt this makes good business sense and is very practical....Ross thanx for knowledge shared.....u need anything holla Jah Bless...stay up my nigga

Ricky Ross said...

This is Kenneth Moore. Thank you for reading my info. There is alot moore where that came from. Creating wealth is a lifelong process and knowledge is the key. Write to me personally anytime at:
Kenneth Moore
PO box 7000

gitcash said...

dat is great information fam.i am putting i.t. into use.

Drake Boii said...

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