Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning From Other People

I want to know why there are so many people afraid of rejection? It's not the end of the world when somebody tells you 'no'. If you don't ask questions, you're only denying yourself a chance to learn and find out what other people are willing to share. Remember, we all have two ears and one mouth; meaning we should listen twice as much as we talk. Listening is a lost art that needs to be reintroduced. A good friend of mine told me that when he has to talk to someone, he takes them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, and he picks up the entire tab. Imagine how much information a person can get in two hours of causal conversation. The point is... we learn so much by studing and listening to others. We have to just pay attention and keep our minds open.

What about wealthy people? How did they become rich? Why do some people struggle throughtout their lives? Why are only a small percentage of people financially independent? Why do some people have wonderful, loving relationships?

Using other people's experiences as a yard stick for learning will help you tremendously. All you need to do is keep your ears and eyes open, and ask a few questions. Can you tell me if you know who the top two or three producers in your field are? Have you ever approached any of these people to ask them what their secrets of success were? If not, what a tragedy this truly is. We all know the people who are successful, but we are afraid to approach them and ask them for information, direction, and guidance. Don't let the fear of rejection stop you from asking. The worst thing that could happen is that they wouldn't tell you; you'd end up not knowing what they know. You already don't know, so it can't get any worse, can it? So take a risk. ASK!! LISTEN!! And LEARN.

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Matsiko said...

This is such a legitimate lesson for people of all ages to learn. The problem is that people are too anxious to make it on their own that they forget to stand on the shoulders of the very people who would love to give them a leg up. We're so blinded by the "American Dream" of making it on our own that we'll sacrifice making it at all - even with the help of others. We get caught in this cycle and never do more than reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Wisdom isn't about knowing a lot, it's about being aware of what you know and, more importantly, what you don't know (and then figuring out how to go about learning that and strengthening your mind). Asking for help is probably one of the most important first steps someone can take if they're goal is success.


Michael said...

I love reading your blog so much... I am doing a cultural diversity speech in a couple weeks and speaking about the way of life in the slums and ghettos across the U.S. It will be challenging to relate as I am a white male who has had the fortunate ability to have a warm meal every day of my life... but I am going to try to inspire my audience as you have inspired myself mr. ross

Please keep posting these blogs, I love reading them.


Michael said...

Hey, me again. I was wondering if you could give me a short description of the lifestyle you lived before you turned to selling drugs? And if you could, maybe a brief explanation of why you ended up dealing (trying to feed your family, pay rent, etc.).

I am giving a presentation at my college and would love to get your point of view. Thanks so much


Ricky Ross said...

Michael: I was a tennis player, too. Trying to make it to the pros, looking for a way out. Well, dealing was like a easy way to get paid; and the negative didn't look to bad. They must have been promoting this though on the movie, how guys can start with nothing and make it. At that time I was trying to feed myself. Do you need more detail than that for your presentation? If you do, I will got into more detail. But when a human feels hopeless and doesn't feel like they have opportunity, everything else goes out the window. Let me know. Good luck. $Triple R$

Ricky Ross said...

J. Young. Whats up lil brotha? Yea, its is a blessing to find a purpose, some never do. I agree you can feel it in your gut, makes you get up in the morning when you are tired. You are right it makes a burden easy. LOL. Baby brother, you have been reading those books. When person get his mind right, there is nothing that can stop him. He can move a mountain. Man, thanks for telling our readers whats up. Glad you talk to Adrain. Man the team is growing and looking real good. Ok I haven't spoken to him in two weeks his computer has been down. Yea I can tell you read as a man thinkth. Yea those are some good parts. Also I want you to read think and grow rich too. Alright my brother you stay up. I will be looking for you to holla at me too. Keep telling people about the site. Have you put some stuff on there yet if not get in touch with Ryan. $Triple R$