Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Challenge

Let other lead small lives,
but not you.
Let others argue over small things,
but not you.
Let other cry over small hurts,
but not you.
Let others leave their future in someone else hands,
but not you.

Good morning, hope everybody is well. I woke up early this morning, about 3:30am, and decided to do a little reading. I ran into this and decided to share it with everybody. My spirits have really been running high lately, my future looks bright. I found my purpose in life, which I think everyone should be in search of. It gives you the energy to get up, keeps you from being bored, gives you the power to walk away from things that are not important, makes you study and research. People ask me all the time about how I can get up and put my workout in every morning. But when your purpose is so big and you know that you have to have good health and that you don't want to leave life without fulfilling that purpose, it lifts you to a height that you thought was not attainable. I hope it helps somebody.

Peace and Love.
$Triple R$


J.Young said...

If and when someone discovers their purpose in life, it's such a blessing. I walked this earth almost 20 years before I discovered mine and honestly that pretty good because it can take others longer if they are ever blessed (or lucky for some of you non religious folks) to discover, realize, or find it at all. It's what makes you tick and you can feel it in your gut that it's what you were meant to do. The vision becomes clearer and the more you focus on your goal the easier it gets because once your mind, body, and soul are set on something there is nothing that can stop you, not even you. I encourage everyone who reads this to realize your purpose and spend everyday fulfilling it. Also, I encourage you to encourage the people around you to do the same. (Hey Ricky: I talked with Adrian man and he's a really cool dude. I mailed him my mixtape and a sampler from my CD so when you talk to him see what he thinks if he's listened to it. I'm done with as a man thinketh too. I was touched by the whole book but the part about visualizing and "the man of integrity"...I've read those parts like 10 times a piece. Kind of makes you feel like when your in church and the preacher says things that sound just like your situation. Real stuff. Be easy big bra and I'll holla at ya soon)

Byron "Highlight" Green said...

ross what is life without purpose? man oh man i think about that all the time had not God given me the gift and ambition, most of all the dedication to dream big where would i be despite my circumstances? I'm certainly glad your spirits are high cause your revolution is about to begin Triple R! do not be deterred by opposition. cause it surely wont be easy. it never is. or should i say rarely. it other words what i am trying to say is that when u r doing right or something righteous it oftentime seems that u face more opposition then had u did it the sinful or wrong way. But your time is coming and I'm proud that as big a legend as your are you plan on coming out not to do the same thing what got you in there, but something more potent. something more powerful. making a difference. setting an example for us young black brothas out there. my dude J young i didnt knw you rapped! I also didnt know Ross u were looking for material! send me the info i am both a MC and poet
and my shit shall soon be done. Let me know if you would like i can send you some stuff to check out and listen to. but on another note ross your dedication to workout inspires me i gotta get my ass in shape i been slipping man lol....I am truly glad you found your purpose many of our people die before realizing that....i.e. Tupac and Biggie to name a few....or they waste so much time being ignorant of what their true purpose is.....Stay up as i know u will my nigga...Highlight

ERQ said...

I commented on your earlier post, didnt really expect a reply, but I was suprised. Thanks for the insight!

It really does feel good when you find your purpose in life, doesnt it. I think everyone should go out there and just be brave enough to try to find theirs.

That feeling of a goal, one you love to strive to achieve, cant be compared to anything.

Good luck man.


Mr. Ross,
I'd like to first and foremost thank you for the inspiring words in your blog-- there truly is nothing better than finding your purpose. Although I'm still on shaky grounds as to finding my purpose, I know that I always give my 1000% effort in everything I do. I currently teach art classes to what people would refer as "at-risk youth," yet that label disturbs me because these boys and girls have fallen through the cracks of our society- we've forgotten them, and in order to redeem our [and I say "our" because we all live here] mistakes, we've turned to negatively labeling these people. Albeit not the most calm group of children Ive worked with, I have not lost hope that we can all work together to halt the social, racial, and economic inequalities [still] plaguing our country. I try to show my students that education is key-- by the way, have you heard of the book "Punishment and Inequality in America" [Written by Bruce Western]? It's a more of a sociological perspective that emphasizes the recent phenomena known as "mass incarceration" and the grim social and economic consequences it has molded.
Here's an excerpt:
"David Garland has coined the term 'mass imprisonment' to refer to the high rate of incarceration in the contemporary United States. It implies a rate of imprisonment...that is markedly above the historical and comparative norm for societies of this type...Mass imprisonment converts young black men with little schooling from a demographic category into a social group [criminally deviant]. In the era of mass imprisonment, to be young, black, and male, even if never gone to prison, is to arouse suspicion and fear. To go to prison, even if not young,black, and male, is to acquire something of that identity."
The book is quite powerful in its statements, but also offers tangible data and information from which we can inform others on the issues at hand...

I look forward to reading more of your wisdom, keep that spirit high and alive :-)


"Punishment and Inequality in America"
Western, Bruce
ISBN: 0-87154-894-1

network marketing company said...

i am sure this will challenge lot of folks.

TxGhettoFlower said...

I need some advice because my family and friends don't understand what I am going through and I know you will. I am 33 years old, born and raised in Houston. I come from a long line of women with Masters degrees and Phd's. Doctors, attorneys, you name it. Most of them are very successful, but for the most part I'll give them credit and say they're down to earth unlike some of our people who get a little education and get besides themselves. When I was 18, I got arrested for felony theft and put on a 5 year deferred probation. Shortly after I had a baby, and two days after my baby was born my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was a wake up call. I enrolled into Prairie View A&M and started to pursue a degree. I was working, going to school, and raising a baby, plus taking care of my mom. I had 500 hours community service which I fell 10 hours behind, had a fat, jealous P.O. and was sent back to court. When my lawyer explained to the judge, she has a kid, she's a full time student, working, and caring for her mother she told him "if she could do all that she shoulda did her community service" and sentenced me to 2 years TDCJ which put a conviction on my record, that was in 1999. To look at me and how I carry myself, and to know where I come from, you wouldn't believe it, which I take pride in because when I come across a young sista on the wrong path, she can look at me and see "hope", and see that even though your name has been comprimised, you can still carry yourself like a queen.
Its been almost ten years since my conviction, and no matter how hard I work, and how bright I shine my record is still holding me back from getting the type of job and pay I deserve. I gotta work at these small companies, dance around these backgroung checks, whatever I gotta do to slip through the cracks. I wanna say I can't do it no more, but I know that's not an option. I am more than qualified to get a job at one of these Fortune 500 companies, but I can't get over that hurdle. What do I do? With this economy I need and deserve better. I am going to make the attempt once again to apply for positions at some of these larger companies. I know I can get these jobs because I get them and when it gets to the part where they look at my past, its over. How do I approach these employers this time? Do I lie? And if I tell the truth what do I say? I am in school getting my cosmetology liscence, because that's my side hustle right now. I have clients of all races that don't care what I did 10 years ago they just want their hair done right, but because I go part time I have a while to go. Until I finish school, get my liscence, and start working for myself full time, how do I approach these employers with my past? I want to just make it in one time before I finish school, just one time. I'm smart, I'm strong, I'm fearless, and beautiful, I'm a lioness, a lady at every angle, and I can't accept me having all this knownledge and being held back for something done over 10 years ago. What do I do?

Ricky Ross said...

ERQ: Yea, I try to reply to everybody. Well, that's my job, to share my insight! There is nothing like finding your purpose in life. Yea you are right, everybody should try it. Having goals is wonderful when money is not the object. Thanks for the well wishes, and good luck to you, too. $Triple R$
P.S. Please recommend the site to 10 more people!

Ricky Ross said...

Bryon: There is no life without purpose. Ambition is very important, but you cant do anything with out big dreams. Yea, I see a bright furture for myself and our children. No question about it, I have been going through a revolution for the past ten years. Yea opposition is part of life. I was born to struggle. And it shouldn't be easy. The only break I can count on is the one I create. Yea its been made to seem that right is wrong or hard to do, but acutally its much easier than doing wrong. Took me 20 years to find that out. No to keep doing the same thing and expect different results will be tampering with insanity. Always thought I was sharp. No question I can't wait to set an example for youth and old too. Man this country is jacked up right now. Oh you know my guy J. Young huh? Oh yea? Well go to or email my guy Ryan at and put some of your material on my site. They always tell me who is tight on the site. That want let me get stuff through the mail. But call my guy Straw at 773-297-9942. And you can send him some of your stuff and he will let me know. What until I put my new pictures up. You damn right you have to work out you health is the most important thing you got. Yea you are right we can't take all this stuff to the grave with us. Yea you stay up to and stay in touch. Hey tell some youngsters about my site at least ten. $Triple R$

Ricky Ross said...

Tx Ghetto Flower: Hey, what it do? Yea most family and friends don't understand. Well, you are still young at 33. So your family is well educated, huh? You know success is judged alot of different ways. Thats good they are all down to earth. There are about 40 million people in America that has been on probation or parole, so I am not surprised. I would be more surprised to meet someone who wasn't. How old is the baby? Girl or boy? Sorry to hear about your mothers breast cancer. Good for you getting in school. And there is nothing more honorable than taking care of your mother. Hope they didn't lock you up for falling behind. These P.O. don't have a heart, have no problem with sending you to jail. Damn, the judge said that? I told you that they don't have a heart. Don't let that conviciton on your record stop you. You can still do things. Thats good that you got hope for others to see. That rare in the black community. No question no matter how much mud and dirt you throw on a queen underneath she is still a queen. Well see thats your problem you are asking for a job, smart as you are you should be creating jobs for others. Noboby is going to do it for you you have to do it for yourself. Thats right what every you have to do. Sure you can do more. What qualification do you have? And what would you be doing for a fortune 500 company. Why not start your own company? Maybe you have to take a lower level job at the company and work your way up. Here is a couple of books I think you should read. Think and Grow Rich, As A Man Thinketh. The Richest Man In Babylon. You don't have to lie to anybody. Tell them that you paid your dues. And that you are perfectly qualified. And if they don't believe you give you a month to prove yourself. And if they are not satisfied with your work don't pay you. But it really don't matter where you work it is what you do with the money you make. I see that you are a true hustler. Thats good you have clients of all races. So you must start networking with them to maybe they know someone in those big companies. The first thing that you should start doing is putting up ten percent of everything that you own. I bet I could have you on top in no time. That would be great to start working for yourself full time. Well there are lost of way to use your past. Why not start a youth program at your church where you teach young kids what happen to you and how to avoid the mistake. Sounds like you have everything it takes to make it. No way you shouldn't. And you shouldn't except it you have to much knowledge not to be on top. Become a activist. And make that ten year old conviction work for you. I am here if you need any more answer. I have taken my past and made it a blessing you can do the same hope to hear back from you soon. Check out my website. and would you tell ten other people about my blog. I am looking for a couple of rap artists or singers for my record label. $Triple R$

Ricky Ross said...

PHASMATROX : No problem for the inspiring words. Yea, there is nothing like finding your purpose. We all start on shakey grounds. If you give a thousand effort you can't go wrong. Oh yea, you are an art teacher to at-risk youth? I would love for you to create a page on my website at to put there art work on. I was at once a at risk youth. I am glad you are there to catch them when they fall through the cracks. There have been many nights I would think where would I be if someone caught me. You are right and sometimes people live out labels. And I am glad you havn't lost hope. And I hope that when I am out that maybe I can give you a hand. Yea we can all work together. Yes this country is still plague by alot of ills. Man education is key. No I havn't heard of the book Punishment and Inequality in America. Is it a good one? Thats one that I might have to pick up. Thanks for recommending it. I love to read. Wish I had more time to do that. My plate stays full. People may not believe that being incareated. Yea Ameica is way over incarcarated. Most guys in here are under educated. Most grew up in a single parent home and turned to the street. Well my goal is to erase that old idenity. I am definitely going to look into the book. I plan on keeping my spirit high. Thank you for leaving your comment. Also I am looking for youngsters that write and sing and tell ten about my blog I appericate it. $Triple R$

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