Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Unhappy in love? It's always our partner's fault. Ever hear anyone say "My Relationship is a mess and I'm the problem?" Insensitivity, betrayal, abuse-- it's true that we human beings are capable of terrible behavior. And it hurts deeply to be mistreated by the person you expect to treat you best. But no one can take your peace or power unless you surrender it. No one else's behavior makes you miserable for long unless you allow it to. It's not our lover's bad behavior that makes us crazy, but how we internalize and respond to it. It's time to awaken from our fantasy; No one is perfect. We'll forever be disappointed in love if our emotions are tied to who we think our mate should be. But, the biggest mistake we make is in selecting our partners. Sometimes we accept as a lover a person we'd never have as a friend, or we don't recognize a divine-right partner whose packaging isn't bright and shiny; We forget that the gift is on the inside...

Terrance 'Gangsta' Williams
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J.Young said...

Once again you came through with some great and truthful writing. You don't disappoint at all. This is so true. Especially the part about us trying to make our lovers who we want them to be. I've made this mistake before with my own woman and I had to remind myself that I fell in love with her and I wasn't with her because I thought I could turn her into something or someone else. We all have to accept people as they are and realize that we don't control anything in this world other than our own actions. Another great tip gangsta. This one might be the difference between me and my girl having a 5 year and a 10 year anniversary. (HA HA)