Friday, September 19, 2008

Terrence Williams: Life Revolves Around Choices & Decisions

The choices we make determine the decisions we have to deal with. My societal life may be over with at this moment, however, as a youth, yours may have just begun. That's why I've decided to take the time out to share some love with you... you, the youth of today, who are facing the same vital decisions that I once faced, decisions that could effect the rest of your life.

Because of the life that I once lived, I may spend the rest of my life behind bars. Prison is real and I brought this reality upon myself. You may very well be on the same path. However, if you learn from my mistakes and adhere to the message, you may be able to trade a life of institutional torment for a life of worldly enjoyment.

A lot of the things we do at the time seem cool: player, balling, macking or stunnin'. Check this out, I was reading Don Diva a few days ago and I came across an interview with the rapper Plies. He stated something that I respected, as well as grabbed my attention, so I felt the need to share it with you. His words verbatim, "The person who invented throwin' money in the club has to be the stupidest [dude] ever. I done got caught up in the hype and I've done it. But how could you have that much paper that you can just throw the sh*t? And the ones that's throwin' it, we ain't got it to throw bruh. The motherf*cker who really can throw it, ain't throwin' it."

Just think about the money we waste. "Be self-controlled, NOT remote-controlled..." A lot of us don't think before we act. We think about what occurred after it's done; which at times may be too late. I know when I was home, 50% of the time I let my gun think for me. The reason I say 50% is because whenever I pulled it, it was used. Now I sit back and think about the greed I once was engaged to. Sad thing is she hangs around still to this day. There's two ways I block her out. #1- I pray, it helps me think clearly. # 2- I look at her as if she has AIDS and is intentionally trying to pass it on. Me being human, I still wrestle with the different struggles. Some days I call moms just to here her voice. Sad thing is, I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to sleep in the same house or sit at the dinner table with her again. But you can keep it that way...

Terrence 'Gangsta' Williams

Terrence Williams
FCI Jesup 2680
Highway 301
South Jesup, GA 31599


J.Young said...

I definitely feel where you're coming from brother and I pray that somehow someday you will be able to be home with your family again. It takes courage for you to accept the punishment given to you because of some poor decisions you made, and still, find life from reaching out and providing others with valuable advice. Your words are not falling upon def ears i assure you. Like many brothers and sisters living in this outside world today I struggle with decisions all the time. Income is so hard to come by the legal way, where you can feed your family comfortably that sometimes the risk of freedom doesn't seem so bad because the reward is staring you in the face because that's what you think of most. The cars, jewelry, women and freedom of not punching the clock when you don't want to can outshine the consequences of death, prison, and alot of things that don't result in either but will eternally eat away at a man's conscience even if he's never caught. I deal with these struggles myself. My father had been to prison. My cousin is in federal now. And my best friend is in a Texas prison on a robery charge. I've been fortunate enough to have not seen the walls from an inside view and people like you help me to keep it that way when times seem so hard and I have trouble because I'm considering certain things I shouldn't be. I just want to say thank you and I mean that with every part of my soul. Thank you and please continue doing what you do. I have faith that you'll be home one day. Remember that.

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