Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black in America

This is a guest blog by Nathan Dickey.

So Black World, how did you feel about the first part of Black in America on CNN? I was aware of a lot they spoke on but it still sent a chill through me. It was like having your dirty laundry out for everyone to see. Thinking for a minute I have to ask how far have we really come? I'm 30 years old and in my years to much ain't changed, let me know if I'm wrong! I don't know too much about the hate that my people felt in the late 1800s. You know it hurts me to find out that Black American kids rank last in education even in the undeveloped countries. I want to help to try to make a difference cause I'm a part of that statistic that has to change. WHat do you think would make school interesting, I'm hollering at the young crowd talk to me. I know if I can change a small community of 40,000 people with helping flood the streets in drugs, I know I can touch the same amount of lives helping people succeed in positive dreams. The dope game was my dream, I achieved it. Not to say I was right for my choices. They say if you know better you do better...I know better now. 

How did you feel about the Harvard Professor Fryer using his money to reward kids for succeeding in school by passing tests? I love the idea, it's what most kids are taught to work for anyway, right? I support Professor Fryer, I know it would have given me incentive to learn in school. LOL How can we achieve closing the gap?!?! 
Another thing that scared me was the AIDS rate with BLacks!!!! Like I said before I didn't know anyone who had AIDS before I got locked up in 02, now knowing a few people with it. I have less than a year left till I go home and it's no way I can go out there dealing with anyone. It won't kill me to go without till I know my partner is safe. It ain't a game I'm trying to live! Do you think I'm gonna just go run in something, not even after doing these 6 years and change. Get checked and protect yourself. 5% of D.C. is HIV positive, man that is 1 out of every 20 people! Blacks account for half of all AIDS cases in America. True Reality. We need the Churches also to Istart addressing the AIDS issue more often. WHat did you think about Whoopi's answer views on welfare? LAst but not least my heart goes out to all single family mothers whatever reason the father may not be there. I never really sat down and just really really thought how hard it is for a mother raising kids like my mother did me. Like my son Keywon is being raised as I speak going on 6 years without his dad. Never let this cold world hold you back, because if you know it or not the black woman is the mother of the earth. My heart goes out to everyone of you and every black community, nothing but love for ya.

Nathan Dickey 

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EDOGZ818 said...

First it's not only single mothers , it's single fathers to for whatever reason. So I'll big up to them first off!


I'm glad your head is in the right place on the issues.
#1 ) Jimmy Hats. It's a whole lot harder to resist than you think. You gonna get some bunz on touchdown after 6 Jointz. ( LOL )

#2 ) School improvement:

Math , reading , history , political science , business management economics , home economics , art , sports , entertainment business , applicable business laws for the different arts , sports , entertainment.

The problem is the educational system , isn't tailored to Blacks best interest. This is because tradionally , the two's best interest weren't linked. Some argue that they still aren't.

The two societies have diverging intrest. Black people , in a nutshell , want to be free. Economically , socially , legally , emotionally , whatever. Just be left alone.

America as a whole , due to it's capitalistic structure , basis , etc. , needs people to capitalize on.

Therefore , the Black American , although constantly taken advantage of & mistreated , by America isn't allowed to leave.In his entirety.

This is acomplished by ensuring The Black American Nation has no place to go. IE: A location for the nation. ( Land )
Therefore , the Black American Nation exist internally.

Individually , within the deepest layers of hearts & dreams. Realizing these type of dreams , goes against the system that has been designed to feed off of you.

( In all actuality. )

A representative democracy when you are a cultural minority , isn't as fair as a direct represtative democracy , when you are the cultural majority.

It's bad enough , that the representatives that you are forced to elect.
(Theorectically , only a majority wins. If only 1 person votes , there is a winner , even if 4 Billion refuse to vote out of protest , to the choices. )

(Evil vs. Lesser Evil=Evil)

Our elected representativess are elected to act on our behalf , but that doesn't mean they have to act as our proxy ( Under our command )or in our best interest.

They in turn elect someone to act on thier behalf & again not always in our best interest. This is why the popular vote doesn't count , in all actuality , for president.
( Electorial College etc. )

Nat Turner , Malcom X , Black Panthers , Marcus Garvey , Elijah Muhammed , Farrahkhan , etc. , type of history isn't taught , anymore than Ancient African History / Science is studied. Black American inventors are seldom pointed out because of how thier inventions were stolen throught history , via , the theft of thier labor.

Today's history is a repeat of yestarday's history , & will probably be repeated tommorow , due to the lack of knowledge.
Knowledge of SelF.

Only white supremicy is reinforced. IE: Columbus discovered America.

The Indian's died because thier bodies couldn't fend off the whiteman's desease ,etc , etc. They won't teach how they were the victims of biologigal warfare , AKA: Enthnic Cleansing for Land )

Kids may not know the truth , but thier very souls rebell at the situation of lies. Often fealing like they aren't learning anything , and therefore school is useless. It doesn't apply to thier world.
IE: Chikofski , Da Vinci , Micheal Angelo , Shakesphere , etc. European History.

Until schools begin teaching applicable the knowledge thier targeted audience wants to learn , Shyt will always be wack.

I'd rather go to school for Haircutting , than Ballroom dancing. Same logic applies with compulsary students. Teach Black kids to be Black , not white. They don't teach white kids to be Black.

Good Luck when you touch down & think of me when you get your freedom guts.

( 2 Weeks tops & that's with you holding out.
( Don't forget the Jim Hat )

Remember , hoeing only gets you kids , AIDS , & crabs.

My money $ay$ that you will be slamming your first piece steady for 8 mnths.
( All loyal & Shyt. LOL )

It's not funny now , but one day you'll look back & laugh.