Saturday, July 19, 2008

From Edge in Philadelphia

From Edge in Philadelphia: 

Good look on the reply. Smash that fraud a$$ ni$$a , and expose all these fake a$$ rap studio gangsters. They glamorizing a life to our youth that is detrimental. Fronting like they got rich pretending to get rich in the drug game. 

I hate em! Link up with this nigga AZ , no , not the fake one down with Nas , but the one who was down with Alpo & Rich Porter. He sued the fake AZ & Sony for identity theft ( Basically ) & got $500,000 settlement. 

Expose the goverment drug dealing in our hoods. 

I wish you the best upon your touchdown , prosperity & good luck. 
Nuff' Respect , that's why you on my friends list. I'm in Pa , so if you ever need to lay your head , hit me up , but shake your tail first, because we both know, you'll have a long one. 

Peace & I'll send you some bitches if I can. 

It's nothing to be proud of , but you are a true motherfuckin' G! 


Anonymous said...

What it do mr.ross. alot here so let me get strait to the point. i've been there and done alot in my life and i know these streets very well. well enough to know that 95% of real nigga's are fake. i earned my street credibility just to have young niggas use my name in vain. nobody wants to be original anymore. i wouldnt dare tell another young man to get in the game, but if he makes that decision to go that route, use his own name!!! If you cant do what i did why go around using my name. The youth really have life fucked up, and we have these studio gangstas to thank for it. i have yet to hear plies tell a young nigga the real story of street life.

The true meaning of faith said...

I'm from North Carolina. I've read stories about you but I didn't realize the truth about our government until I was forced to see the truth for myself. I went to Franklin, Virgina on November 4th 2006 and became a part of Franklin Police cover-up. I spent 30 days of my life in prison for nothing. My case is in appeals but my court appointed lawyer is to afraid to do a Motion of Discovery to show the truth because she knows the court system will stop sending her clients as her punishment or she's part of the cover up too. This may sound like the biggest lie in the world but it's the truth. I can only imagine how Rick Ross can feel when he's spending the majority of his life behind bars for a crime that the government setup.

Tia Watson said...

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