Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is a guest blog by Lawrence Banks, who is also serving his sentence at Texarkana F.C.I.

Some of us real men sit back in prison seeing how the world is changing, also how black people are pointing fingers at black men and some black women looking for a question to which we already know the answer too. I'm just going to touch on a few thing briefly. Now on the possibility of having a black president. I'm all for it history wise but it's a proofing fact that if you are involve in any kind of political, government or law enforcement sooner or later you will have to play ball. Meaning that they do some good but also support a bunch of bullshit and if the shit stink to bad than they look the other way pretending that they didn't see it or pretend that they had no knowledge that it was happening. All you have to do is check history on everybody in your city and government that held position of power. Now the hip hop vs. the world it's good that people has a personal opinion about what they think the problem is some of them do but most of them dont. So now this is the scary part but true. One thing before I go into the truth I'm a firm believer if you never live it, come from it, or never experience it you could never relate too it. Example if your moms die how can a person say they know how you feel when theirs still living. How can you know the ghetto when you never been there or live there. Now the negative part of this first. We only know what we are expose to. A lot of us start out with good intention to do good and better but along the way we got side track for (in God we trust) the all mighty dollar. Pressure busts a pipe you have to know what you are willing to except and what not. When we quit value what people think of us the better we will be. Now how can we point the finger when we support all the shit that goes on. White business people and some black business people with the help of the media export us and we are to blind to see it. Fashion is a billion dollar industry that we support the shit out of and they haven't done shit to show love back. This ain't the only industry that does this. Rich black and white people run to another country to spend they money to help our when it's stuff over here to be done. Now the question is can't nobody do no more than you let them. It ain't right that you have to become somebody you really ain't to satictilic or to be excepted by the world. The problem is that people are getting tired of doing that so now you have the uppity Negro's saying that we need rules. We as a people are natural surviver of life we do what we got to do. 

Lawrence Banks 
F.C.I. Texarkana 
P.O.Box 7000 
Texarkana, TX. 75505 

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The Original AKDirtyHeaven said...

You are so right about if you dont live it you cant know! And I wanted to say even if you do live the same events as people we got different ways of looking at things cause were not all the same at all inside or out. You know what im saying? So I think its better to say i hear what you are saying or just listen quietly than to say oh i feel your pain. Just me tho